Critical List: Australia will have a carbon tax; 10 percent of Chinese farmland contaminated

Australia is going to have a carbon tax: The prime minister's plan just passed the country's senate. Not only do cars kill, so do commutes. A man in England dumped more than 1 million tires across the country. Heavy metals …

Incredible shrinking farmland

Photo: Alicia Guy Joel Huesby comes from a long line of conventional farmers, but in 1994, he had what he calls an epiphany that led him to switch to organic farming. He’s of the mind that we’ll drive ourselves to …

Mexico City’s ‘earthscraper’ would be a 1,000-foot underground building

BNKR Arquitectura wants to build a pyramid that penetrates nearly 1000 feet into the earth below Mexico City's largest and most historic public square. Its upper floors will be illuminated through a glass ceiling that will replace the paving stones …

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

Stop the ‘man swarm,’ save the wild world

Let’s leave some room for everybody else. Photo: Robin PittmanMore of our kind means fewer wild things. A stabilized human population means hope for wild things. A shrinking human population means a better world for wild things — and for …

Ten years of car commuting could cost you $125,000

A lot of home buyers are pushing out into the exurbs because the houses are cheaper there -- but long commutes come with hidden costs that could seriously dent any money you might save on a mortgage. A personal finance …

Stranded in suburbia: Why aren’t Americans moving to the city?

It's going to take more than wishful thinking to convince Americans to move back to the urban core.

City Limits: 'Urbanized' underestimates the allure of the 'burbs

The creator of Helvetica produces Urbanized, a gorgeous, smart, and slightly out of touch ode to the city.

The curse of the exurbs

Sprawling, farther-off suburbs like Yorkville, Ill., boomed during the housing bubble, but have taken a terrific tumble in the crash.

Breaking free from the infrastructure cult of roads

A report from the American Society of Civil Engineers touts misguided and outdated strategies for infrastructure spending.