Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Nothing small about it: Microloans give new farmers a needed boost

Unless one has family money, starting a farm can be a huge financial risk. Now, some micro-lending programs are giving a wider range of people a chance to farm on their own.

Sustainable Farming

For young farmers: No land, but plenty of climate change to go around

While making a documentary about young farmers in New Jersey, a filmmaker noticed that the extreme weather became the star of the show.

Sustainable Farming

A dry run from hell: Drought hits the smallest farms the hardest

This drought will give small Midwestern farmers lots of practice coping with climate change -- if it doesn’t bankrupt them first.

Sustainable Farming

Farmer spends $100,000 on waterbeds for cows

Even on a small, family-owned dairy farm, life as a milk cow looks not so great. I mean, you do spend a lot of time standing around in a stall with devices attached to your nipples. That’s cool if it’s …

Sustainable Farming

From sniper to farmer: Veteran redefines patriotism [VIDEO]

After six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, this wounded combat veteran is raising chickens as a way to serve his country.

Sustainable Farming

After the Rio Earth Summit: Will agriculture really get any greener?

Global food production may have inched toward becoming more sustainable at last week's Earth Summit. Or not. We probably won't know either way until the next Summit.

Sustainable Farming

Say it ain’t soil: What’s the true value of organic farmland?

A Maryland organic farm's battle against development raises big questions about the future of food and farming in this country.

Climate Change

‘Himalayan Viagra’ is going extinct

A parasitic caterpillar fungus that grows in the Himalayas has many names, according to Scientific American — yarsagumba, yarchagumba, yartsa gunba, yatsa gunbu. But we are only going to remember one name: Himalayan Viagra. This fungus, which leeches off of …

Climate & Energy

Morning chance of guilt, followed by afternoon desperation

Here is a happy recap of various depressing articles from the news today.