Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Food Studies: Zombie worms and the ethics of consumption

Biodynamic agriculture may be sustainable and balanced, but it can also seem extremely brutal.

Sustainable Farming

After the flood [VIDEO]

Late summer is time most farmers have been working for all year, and when your crop gets wiped out, it can mean losing the bulk of your income.

Sustainable Farming

Soil envy [VIDEO]

It seems that most farmers these days are also philosophers. David Cleverdon of Illinois-based Kinnikinnick farm is no exception.

Climate & Energy

Farmers who don't believe in climate change adapting to it anyway

In our nation's breadbasket, adaptation to climate change is very much already in progress -- the attitudes of those who represent farmers in our nation's capital notwithstanding. Higher minimum temperatures are reducing yields for corn, which likes hot days but …

Sustainable Farming

Irene's damage not 'overrated' for farmers

From apple orchards in New York to sweet corn fields in Massachusetts, we take a look at how farmers are faring after the storm.


Super-charming sustainable farming video, featuring Willie Nelson

Okay, so this video was sponsored by Chipotle, but if you can ignore a small amount of logo placement and posturing, it's really adorable. Look at the little propane-canister-looking pigs! Listen to Willie Nelson make a Coldplay song sound genuinely …

Farmers Market

Too many markets or not enough farmers?

Is the growth of farmers markets around the U.S. too much of a good thing? Or do we need to grow more farmers and more infrastructure to meet demand?

Industrial Agriculture

Sorry, NY Times: GMOs still won't save the world

Nina Federoff touts GMOs in The New York Times. But after more than 15 years of commercialized GMOs, we know not to believe the promises any longer.

Sustainable Farming

Four dirty secrets hiding in your tuna can

If mercury wasn't enough to scare you away from tuna, read about more devious offenses standard in the tuna industry.