Sustainable Food

Sustainable Farming

What’s the real difference between cage-free and pastured eggs? [VIDEO]

With Big Ag hijacking terms like "free range" and reducing them to marketing slogans, how can you really tell if your eggs are humanely raised? This beautiful video from the Lexicon of Sustainability cracks the …

Sustainable Food

Could insects feed the world? [VIDEO]

If people in the developed world can get over the psychological barrier involved in eating insects, this video segment says, we might just find that bugs are the magical, super-efficient protein source we've been looking …


Will old-school green groups sleep through the Earth Summit?

Twenty years ago, major U.S. environmental groups helped rally support for the Earth Summit in Rio. Today, they can hardly be bothered with it.


Thousands more farmers markets will soon take food stamps

The U.S. Department of Agriculture just announced a plan to add as many as 4,000 EBT machines to farmers markets in an effort to help low-income people eat healthier.


Science says: Cut that steak in half to keep the climate in check

In their continuing efforts to go beyond CO2, some scientists have been looking seriously at the impact of nitrous oxide on the climate, and results point to a very familiar refrain: Eat more plants, less …

Urban Agriculture

By growing food, Occupy the Farm helps a movement grow up

With the takeover of a University of California agricultural testing station, Occupiers move from envisioning a new world to creating one.

Sustainable Food

We catch too many sardines — but should we stop eating them?

The problem isn’t that people are eating too many sardines -- on the contrary, it's that we're feeding most of them to farmed fish (like tuna and salmon) and industrially farmed animals.

Sustainable Food

Let’s put an end to ‘dietary tribalism’

Vegan, paleo, raw, locavore -- who can say what's best? One writer says concerned eaters should put down their weapons and work to change the food system together.


How catching salmon can save a forest

What does your favorite wild salmon have to do with a forest in Alaska? Quite a bit, actually.