Sustainable Food

Into the woods: Seattle plants a public food forest

Urban orchards are growing in popularity all over the country, but Seattle is taking it further with this public fruit experiment.

Dr. Vandana Shiva: Occupy our food supply!

From seeds, to corporate farms, to giant mega-retailers -- one of the world's preeminent speakers on biodiversity pontificates on the corporatization of our food supply.

Will organic free trade really do a world of good?

We're all for trading organic food with the European Union, but let's not forget about food miles.

Clammed up: Digging for local, sustainable protein on a muddy beach

Our fearless green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, went in search of the elusive Pacific razor clam. Lucky for her, she met a gun-toting clam angel, who gave her a taste of the community that comes from a shared search for …

Urban farming in Detroit gets the documentary it deserves

Urban Roots is a documentary about farming within the city limits of Detroit, and as such, it’s a handy way to get an education on the subject in something like 90 minutes.

Prince farming: Discussing Charles’ new book on food reform

To mark the publication of "On the Future of Food," a new book based on a Prince Charles' speech about the food system, we hear from Marion Nestle, Fred Kirschenmann, and Laurie David, three people with a vested interested in …

Farming the ‘burbs

Suburban farmers might just have the best of both worlds: A captive audience hungry for hyper local produce and the space to grow more food than their city counterparts.

vegetarian sign

How many of us are vegetarian or vegan?

Check out poll numbers on how many Americans are abstaining from meat, and how often omnivores are eating it.

Southern hospitality from farm to table [VIDEO]

Meet a farmer, a forager, and some chefs at a farm-to-plate dinner with the Perennial Plate crew in Georgia.