Sustainable Food

Why farms want cold winters

Below the surface, freezing does a lot of good; here’s why warmer winters are troubling.

Lexicon of Sustainability: Salmon-safe

Any discussion about the sustainability of salmon is no longer limited to how many of the fish are pulled from the sea. The latest photo in the series features a farmer who has made his stream safe for spawning.

A challenge to chefs: Make me a delicious vegetarian entree — or stop claiming to care about sustainability

Chefs these days like to talk big about sustainable food, but they forget one of the key tenets of eco-friendly eating: cut back on the meat.

Scout’s honor: The push for sustainable cookies isn’t over yet

The efforts of two concerned scouts have finally led Girl Scouts USA to source the palm oil in their cookies sustainably. But the girls say the new policy still isn't enough.

Making moonshine and molasses [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate gang stops in at a North Carolina farm to learn about a rare variety of heirloom corn and sample some moonshine.

Lexicon of Sustainability: Cage free vs. pasture raised

What do you really know about the eggs you're buying? Are they "cage free" or do they come from birds raised on pasture? The latest installment in the Lexicon series focuses on this complex protein source.

Protein: The lay of the lamb

Most science says lamb has a bigger carbon footprint than other foods. But could it be a better choice for sustainable omnivores than we think?

When did vegetarianism become passe?

Sustainable meat is all the rage these days, but vegetarians shouldn't be cowed (ahem) by carnivorous hipsters: A veg diet is still a big winner for the environment.

New Agtivist: Colin Archipley is teaching soldiers to farm

This former Marine is part of the growing movement to fill the aging agriculture sector with returning soldiers who can benefit from focus, independence, and time outdoors.