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Want to join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?

Art: Nina PaleyLes U. Knight (get it?) is the face and the force behind the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT, pronounced vehement).  Motto: “May we live long and die out.” It might sound like a strident or mean-spirited campaign, but Knight is certainly not a strident or mean-spirited guy.  He’s hit on a creative way to talk about the population problem and the damage humans do to ecosystems everywhere, without calling for reproductive coercion (note the prominence of the word voluntary). The gist: If we all just decided to stop procreating, humans would gradually and peacefully clear out and make …

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Population trends as you’ve never seen them before [VIDEO]

As part of my GINK and population coverage, I’ll be bringing you a video each Saturday with a different take on these issues. Check out the previous installment, and stay tuned for more. Hans Rosling uses “colorful new data display technology” (ahem) to show you population trends over the last half century and the half century to come. “Child survival is the new green,” he declares. Rosling, a Swedish professor of global health, gave this talk at TED@Cannes: Have a video on population or GINK thinking to recommend? Post a link in comments below.  —– Read more about population and …

The GINK videos

Women who can’t get birth control spotlighted in new short film — watch it here

The new short film Empty Handed: Responding to the Demand for Contraceptives showcases the plight of women in Uganda who want birth control but are being failed by a dysfunctional distribution system.  The average Ugandan woman will give birth to 6.7 children — that’s the second-highest fertility rate in the world, behind only Niger.  The film, produced by Population Action International, debuted earlier this month. Watch the trailer (1:45): Empty Handed Short from Population Action International on Vimeo. Or watch the full short film (8:27): Empty Handed from Population Action International on Vimeo. Then read an op-ed by the filmmaker, …

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Nearly a fifth of American women skip childbearing

Almost 20 percent of American women end up going childfree, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center.  In 2008, 18 percent of women reached ages 40 to 44 without having borne a child, compared to just 10 percent in 1976. “The fact that nearly one of five women does not have a child of her own — that’s an enormous transformation from the past,” Pew researcher D’Vera Cohn told The Washington Post. About half of these women are childfree by choice. So, is society becoming more accepting of that choice? Yes, write Cohn and co-researcher Gretchen Livingston: …

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Women’s rights are the right way to approach the population issue

Suzanne Ehlers, president of Population Action International.Suzanne Ehlers, the new 36-year-old president of Population Action International, likes to talk about “the magic of family planning.”  If you give women around the world contraceptive tools and information, they’ll limit the size of their families of their own free choice, and that makes their families healthier, wealthier, and better able to thrive in a climate-changed world. PAI, a Washington, D.C.-based research and advocacy group, focuses on a “voluntary and rights-based” approach to family planning, as Ehlers describes it.  I talked to her recently to find out how the population movement intersects with …

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‘Sex and the City 2′ is the greenest movie of the year

Forget earnest documentaries about corporatized food and natural-gas fracking and climate refugees.  The greenest movie of 2010 chronicles the latest exploits of none other than Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, even though she’s a clotheshorse who once calculated she’d spent $40,000 on shoes.  Even though, in the latest installment of the blockbuster franchise, Carrie and her trio of best gal pals fly in mind-bogglingly spacious first class to Abu Dhabi, where they’re shuttled around in a fleet of four chauffeur-driven luxury sedans.  (There are camels, but they’re merely a diversion, not a means of transportation.)  Underneath the high-living, jet-setting sheen, the movie …

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Why is India the poster child for the population problem?

A market street in Chennai, India.Photo: mckaysavage via FlickrJulia Whitty has written a smart, nuanced cover story on population for Mother Jones.  She addresses the important issues, she connects the dots, she knows her stuff. But I have a bone to pick. About half of the article explores the wide-ranging set of issues associated with global population growth and (over)consumption; the other half focuses on particular problems and signs of progress in India.  And the whole thing is illustrated with more than a dozen richly colored photographs of poor or middle-class Indians.  Whitty makes clear that population growth in the …

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How green are the ‘childless by choice’?

Laura S. Scott has surveyed and interviewed more than 170 people for her Childless by Choice Project.  “I’m keenly interested in the process of decision-making,” she says. “How do we get from assuming parenthood for ourselves to the point where we’re saying, ‘No kids, thank you!’?”  She shares what she’s learned in a new book, Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice, and in a forthcoming documentary. I called Scott to find out whether environmental concerns were a factor for many of the people she spoke with — and we also got to talking about whether …

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Birth-control opponents greenwash their message

Even opponents of birth control are “going green” these days.  The uber-right-wing American Life League, founded by Catholic activists in 1979, launched a “The Pill Kills” campaign in 2008, and this year shifted its message to “The Pill Kills the Environment.” “Study after study has shown how the chemicals from the pill discharge into our waterways and wreak havoc on the fish,” says the campaign site, which is peppered with dour women in green T-shirts. (Buy your own shirt for only $6.50!) It’s true — studies do show that the Pill has adverse effects on marine life, and that’s also …

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