He'll sign it

Congress sends GMO-labeling bill to Obama’s desk

The bill would make labeling mandatory nationwide.


Here come GMO labels!

We totally saw this coming.


What’s a GMO? Apparently not these magic mushrooms.

A recent ruling could help usher in new crops built to resist insects, disease, and drought.


These vitamin-fortified bananas might get you thinking differently about GMOs

A controversial effort is underway to fight vitamin A deficiency with engineered bananas.


A bill to block GMO labeling fails key Senate vote

While this bill was blocked by farm-state Democrats, the battle will likely resume later.


Senate moves closer to blocking state GMO labeling

The bill would quash a slew of local initiatives, including a labeling law in Vermont which kicks in July 1.

WTF is a GMO?

It’s practically impossible to define “GMOs”

The more you look into it, the more you find that there is no way to sensibly draw a line around a class of foods and say they contain GMOs.

Industrial Evolution

Climate change will stress plants out. These scientists think they have a solution

It involves a fungal infection.


Can we cope with climate change by genetically engineering … people?

Don't worry -- it's just a thought experiment. For now.