Recycling 'blackouts in a can' should inspire other uses for recalled food

Here in America, we don't believe in wasting food. Not only do we find a home for unwanted alcoholic energy drinks, but also edible food-like substances and even potentially hazardous items like contaminated eggs.

Four Loko will now fuel cars, not mayhem

Four Loko: It's gross, bad for you, and only existed legitimately for about five minutes before turning into its own punchline. But it's finally doing something useful by getting turned into ethanol.

Tropicana 'snackifies' drinks with new fruit in a tube

American adults and kids don't eat enough fruit. The solution, according to PepsiCo: Make fruit more fun! And what's more fun than puréed slush that you can squirt straight in your mouth?

The 10 most popular Grist posts of 2010

From Audi ads to BP coffee spills, with locavore ball-busting and Obama-baiting in between, here are the stories you loved to debate this year.

Vote on the Scariest Food of 2010

From pink slime to salmonella eggs, 2010 dished up sick food news like a lunchlady gone postal. What were you most afraid to put in your mouth in 2010?

Ripley's Eat It or Not [SLIDESHOW]

You could listen to Michael Pollan and "eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Or, you could take lessons from Ripley's collection of food freaks and freaky foods.

WTFood: Would you drink Jamba Juice's 'Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie'?

Fast-food turf wars are nothing new. What's new is when one restaurant openly mocks the others for it with an amazing product like Jamba Juice's Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie, "a delightful mix of real beefy goodness, smothered in cheese, loaded with …

Fast food's vomit-worthy hall of gimmicks [SLIDESHOW]

Using extra meat as the "buns." Adding an extra sandwich or two. Making anything a "footlong." What results from these tricks of the fast food world aren't examples of food; they're freak sideshows, novelties, gimmicks of a cheap'n'easy system of …

Six drinks to avoid slipping down your gullet [SLIDESHOW]

Here at Grist we like to think we’re looking out for you guys, so before you stock up on refreshing sippables for your summer potlucks here’s a small checklist of beverage bandits looking to pee in your pool party. Cheers! …