space invaders

Police are finally catching cars that veer too close to bicyclists

11 cities are using this nifty sonar device to measure the distance between bikes and cars.

a la mode

In Paris, bicycle highways are trés chic

The city plans to reduce pollution with fast-track bike lanes.

night rider

Bright ideas for biking at night

Here's your guide to bike lights, reflectors, and not getting flattened while bicycling in the dark.

Car Stalk

Meet “Traffic Droid,” the cycling superhero who calls out bad drivers

That’s WAY better than shooting a web outta your wrists or smashing things with a giant hammer.

Riding lessons for U.S. cities from one of Europe’s bike capitals

The key to convincing Americans to swap out the car for a bike? Make bicycling boring -- and ensure that they won’t end up as road pizza.

Indonesian city orders women to stop straddling bikes

We're not even going to ask what the situation might be with recumbent bikes or unicycles.

‘Bike taxidermy’ makes for the most eco-friendly hunting trophies ever

All the cool of taxidermy; no dead animals involved.

The Dutch may actually have TOO MANY bikes

The number of cyclists the country has created has outstripped the capacity of its infrastructure.

This recycled-plastic bike rack would be great if it actually worked

The rack's made out of 15,000 juice pouches made by Honest Tea, which donated it to the store. Now, if only it worked.