• New film about fracking stars Matt Damon, John Krasinski, and maybe you

    Ryan Gosling may have saved a woman from a speeding car, but some of our other favorite stars are doing the next best thing: starring in an anti-fracking movie. Gus Van Sant is directing, and the cast includes Matt Damon, …

  • Mark Ruffalo on Colbert Report

    Mark Ruffalo went on The Colbert Report to talk about fracking, and Stephen yelled at him — even though he acknowledged later that it’s probably a bad idea to yell at the Hulk.

  • Ryan Gosling wants you to recycle

    Hey girl, are you tired of the Ryan Gosling “hey girl” meme yet? Haha, LIAR. You’re not, and DoSomething.org knows you’re not, and that’s why they’re using Ryan’s handsome mug to get you to recycle.

  • Critical List: BP spill liability trial delayed; Meryl Streep’s eco-friendly Oscar dress

    BP’s trial for Deepwater Horizon liability has been pushed back one week as the company considers a $14 billion settlement. Scientist Peter Gleick is taking a leave of absence from the Pacific Institute after the organization’s board of directors expressed …

  • Brad Pitt on why cars are stupid

    Brad Pitt explained the premise of his film Moneyball to Jon Stewart by way of analogy to gas-guzzling cars. Most of the interview wasn’t about green stuff at all (his Celebrity Cause is building houses in New Orleans, which is …

  • Julianne Moore wants clean air for kids

    Did you guys know Julianne Moore wrote a children’s book? This is apparently the thing celebrities do when they’re over 25 (under 25, they start a perfume line). It’s about the heartbreak of being a ginger, and not about environmental …

  • Kristen Bell loses her mind over a sloth

    OK, real talk for a second? This is almost certainly how I would react if a sloth came to my birthday party:

  • LeBron James bikes to work

    The Miami Heat star was avoiding a traffic jam when an alert Twitter user snapped his picture.

  • David Bowie riding the subway

    The Thin White Duke turned 65 (I KNOW) yesterday, and Flavorwire has put together a slideshow of him doing normal stuff, just to prove he can. Here he is making use of public transportation, even though he could totally summon …