power struggle

Solar up, coal down: U.S. shakes up energy supply

By 2017, solar power capacity will nearly triple from 2014 levels.

Election 2016

Trump wants to keep burning coal for 1,000 years.

Despite a short exchange on energy, climate change continues to be marginalized on the debate stage.

Guest post

Here’s why supporters of the Clean Power Plan are feeling optimistic

The rule had a very good day in court.

the steaks have never been higher

Grass-fed beef sales jumped 40 percent in 2015.

People bought a lot more grass-fed beef last year. The climate implications are ... uncertain.

Hot or not?

La Niña has arrived! Or has it?

Meteorologists are divided.

Cirrus business

Here’s why a less cloudy future is a big problem

Clouds have a huge impact on the climate, but are hard to predict. Watch our video to learn more about these misunderstood meteorological formations.

oh snap and dividend

California cap-and-trade program faces major hurdles

State lawmakers passed an ambitious climate bill, but it might be undermined.

So leave the lights on

Dems warm up crowd with Demi Lovato — and climate change

A pop song was the warm-up to the DNC's first prime-time mention of climate change.


One more reason the prison industrial complex is awful: The physical distance it puts between people

The prison industrial complex makes car travel necessary, but the answer isn't to eco-shame the loved ones of incarcerated people.