oh snap and dividend

California cap-and-trade program faces major hurdles

State lawmakers passed an ambitious climate bill, but it might be undermined.

So leave the lights on

Dems warm up crowd with Demi Lovato — and climate change

A pop song was the warm-up to the DNC's first prime-time mention of climate change.


One more reason the prison industrial complex is awful: The physical distance it puts between people

The prison industrial complex makes car travel necessary, but the answer isn't to eco-shame the loved ones of incarcerated people.

Colbert Hugs

10 ways to say goodbye to The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert, you will be missed. So long and thanks for all the traffic.

The New “CIA”

As I write this, a new CIA, the Cowboy and Indian Alliance, is completing six days of a tipi encampment on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Throughout the past week Indigenous people from Canada, Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma …

Why is WGBH Legitimizing David Koch’s Climate Change Denial?

Last Wednesday, more than 50 people gathered outside of WGBH — Boston’s public television station and the largest producer of national PBS television content — with 119,000 petition signatures calling on the station to drop David Koch from its board. Even Elmo was there …

Europe says its own biofuels policies increase food costs 50%, drive deforestation

Two new studies that came out in Europe during the last couple of days show that biofuel mandates are causing consumers far more pocketbook pain – and contributing more to deforestation and climate pollution – than even previous studies suggested. …

BLM schedules two major coal leases, undermining President Obama’s climate action plan

Next week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to sell 148 million tons of publicly owned coal, making clear that BLM continues to ignore concerns about the carbon pollution from coal mining, burning and export proposals. In addition to …

Infographic: Piling up Keystone XL’s petcoke

In the President’s recent speech on climate change, he said “our national interest will be served only if [Keystone XL] does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.” There are many reasons that the Keystone XL pipeline will clearly exacerbate …