Copenhagen Climate Talks

The Climate Post: Some progress in Cancun climate talks, but mostly a morass of competing interests

Cancun climate talks negotiators got down to brass tacks. There were comic relief moments, like the removal of climate skeptic Christopher Monckton from a luncheon

WikiLeaks: U.S. turned the pope into its enforcer on Copenhagen climate talks

WikiLeaks today published a cable indicating Pope Benedict XVI has been pulling strings on behalf of the U.S. And he might get an electric popemobile.

Has Japan killed the Kyoto Protocol? Does it really matter?

Japan won't renew its Kyoto Protocol commitment unless China and the US join. Greens and developing countries condemn them but can we really blame them?

The path to the U.N. climate summit in Cancun and the chances of success

Representatives from 194 countries gather this week in Cancun, for the 16th meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

India proposes a system to monitor carbon pollution reductions

India recently proposed a new monitoring system for major emitters that aims to bridge some major differences between developing and developed countries. But a recent letter from the Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh clarifies that India’s proposal would be contingent …

The Climate Desk

Cancun: politics vs. science

All the Cancun climate talk discussions about numbers avoid the reality that we're already on the path to dangerous global warming.

Leaked cables reveal Saudi minister of petroleum helped craft toothless Copenhagen climate accord

Trying to get Saudi Arabia to sign on to an international climate accord is like asking a drug dealer to start a rehabilitation clinic.

The Climate Desk

What to expect (or not) from the Cancun climate talks

This year's U.N. talks could be our last chance to slow climate change. So will world leaders finally get it right in Cancun?

Defining success for climate negotiations in Cancun

The key challenge of the Cancun climate talks is to continue the process of constructing a sound foundation for meaningful, long-term global action.