Copenhagen Climate Talks

Applying the lessons of Copenhagen in Cancun

In preparing for the upcoming climate talks in Cancun less than two weeks away, I can't help but look back at where things were a year ago.

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The other good thing about fighting climate change

Best fringe benefit of curbing emissions? A stronger economy says Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune.

Important actions can be accomplished at climate negotiations in Cancun

We are not going to get a binding treaty in Cancun, Mexico when 194 countries meet to continue negotiations on international efforts to address climate change. And we are not going to finalize all of the details of new international …

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Climate action plan: Innovate first, regulate later

Technology policy -- not carbon caps -- is our best hope for fighting climate change.

The Climate Post: Climate scientists: It’s war

700 climate scientists agreed to speak out as experts about global warming. Plus, coal enjoys November and the Copenhagen failure costs $1 trillion.

Taking on the global energy investment challenge

A report released today provides a progress report on commitments to clean energy development in China, India, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Will Ed Miliband take Britain’s Labor Party from red to green?

Ed Miliband, new leader of Britain's Labor Party, helped to push through binding targets on CO2 emissions. How will he shape the party's green agenda?

A climate 'Plan B' for team Obama

Congress has failed to act on climate once again, but here are several ways President Obama can use his executive powers to combat climate change.

The blame Obama game

Obama has received much of the blame, despite Congress being a separate branch of government. But so it goes in the age of outsized prez expectations.