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The case for imperfect veganism

You can catch more vegan-curious with honey than with vinegar.

support groups

Environmental organizations see an outpouring of support post-election

"Apparently the sixth stage of grief is activism.”

Greening faith

For Muslim environmentalists, the fight just got a lot harder

Looking ahead to four years of Trump, Muslims double down to fight climate change and Islamophobia.

Environmental leaders on hope and progress in the age of Trump

Bernie Sanders, Annie Leonard, and more on where we go from here.

Inside the climate movement’s Trump-fighting strategy

It will take a combination of political, legal, and social pressure to reduce his administration's damage.

This really is a climate change election

You might not recognize it from the media coverage, but the issue was critical throughout the campaign.


The Paris climate accord is a big fucking deal, now more than ever

The massive international agreement becomes official today, not that anyone will notice.

burger, interrupted

Can’t quit meat? This meatless burger wants to help.

A handful of startups are getting closer to the perfect plant burger.

The most dramatic climate fight of the election is in Washington state

A climate tax is opposed by some green groups that want a stronger focus on social justice.