Earth Summit

After the Earth Summit, young people push for real change

World leaders failed to deliver in Rio. But there was other progress, and a call for fundamental economic change. Now, says one young observer, it’s time to raise some hell.

The Earth Summit debacle: Why our leaders don’t have game

Predictions that the Rio summit would fail became a self-fulfilling prophesy, says one young activist. But that failure can also be a catalyst for change.

Rio hangover: 50,000 people rallied for the Earth Summit. Did it do any good?

We came, we saw, we spent hours and hours stuck in Rio’s mythic traffic jams. Here's what we have to show for it.

After the Rio Earth Summit: Will agriculture really get any greener?

Global food production may have inched toward becoming more sustainable at last week's Earth Summit. Or not. We probably won't know either way until the next Summit.

Rio grand: Scenes from the Earth Summit [SLIDESHOW]

The Earth Summit in Rio may be over, but just like spring break, the triumphs, tragedies, and terrible judgment calls will live on in memory. Here are some of our favorite moments captured in all their photographic glory.

Arnold ‘Terminates’ commitment to Rio Earth Summit

Arnold Schwarzenegger skips out on a mostly lame Rio+20, robbing the world of at least five chances for "I'll be back" to weave its way into speeches about sustainable development.

A tale of two summits: Rio People’s Summit is both vibrant and troubled

On one side of Rio de Janeiro, world leaders debated the future of the planet. On the other, a grassroots gathering gave a glimpse of the realities of life in the developing world.

In Rio, disappointment, discontent — and a few silver linings

The final Earth Summit agreement, to be signed by world leaders on Friday, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, according to many critics. But that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time.

Why women’s needs must be part of the conversation at Rio

Increasing women's reproductive freedom is crucial to building a more sustainable world. So why are their needs largely being ignored at the Earth Summit?