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Why aren’t women’s issues on the agenda at Rio+20?

Including family planning and reproductive health in the Earth Summit agenda should be a no-brainer.


Speak up! Young people need to be heard at the Earth Summit

This is an opportunity, one youth leader says, for those energized by the street and internet democracy that has proliferated in recent years to bring their voices to the table with world leaders.


Earth Summit 101: A Jedi’s primer to the meeting in Rio

Leaders from around the galaxy will meet in June to decide the fate of the blue planet. You hadn’t heard? Let us bring you up to speed, young Padawan.

Climate & Energy

Scientists to world leaders: You broke it, you own it

In preparation for the Earth Summit in Rio, scientists from around the globe did a little review of the literature. Not surprisingly, they say humans are officially Earth’s top dog. Surprisingly, they seem to think there’s some hope of saving this rock.


Obama may blow off the Earth Summit

World leaders will gather in June to discuss the future of the planet. Will the president be a no-show?

Saving Ourselves from the Status Quo: Youth Stand Up for the Earth and their Future

This post was written by Michael Davidson. One block from my office in Washington, DC, young people frustrated by the lack of accountability and democracy in corporate America have gathered to demand and demonstrate change. I hear many voices of my generation as I walk through McPherson Square, but our concerns are unmistakable: unemployment, corruption, massive subsidies to established industries, corporate irresponsibility and—inherent in all these problems—environmental injustice on a global scale. Given the increasingly precarious world that we inhabit, there is much to do at next year’s Rio+20 Earth Summit on sustainable development. What is certain: The status quo …

Renewable Energy Keeps Growing: Earth Summit in Rio provides an opportunity for even more action

Several new reports released over the past few days show that renewable energy keeps growing, with more countries implementing policies or incentives to spur renewable energy deployment.  The studies found that renewable energy accounted for $211 billion in new investments in 2010 – an increase of 32% from the previous year.  Next year at the Earth Summit in Rio, countries and companies have a chance to build upon this momentum by committing to deeper actions to spur renewable energy deployment within their country and company.  This is an important opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. So what are the key findings …

Key actions on climate & energy at the Earth Summit in 2012

Carbon pollution from fossil fuel use reached the highest level yet in 2010, according to the International Energy Agency.  So should we throw up our hands?  No, this is a wake-up call that countries need to significantly speed up the pace of their action to reduce emissions.  And when they come to the Earth Summit in Rio next June – just one short year from now – they have a chance to do just that.  They better come prepared to implement new actions at home on climate and energy at the Earth Summit – held from June 4-6 in Rio …

How to advance climate change & clean energy action at Rio+20 Earth Summit

The world’s leaders will be meeting June 4-6, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Rio+20 Earth Summit.  This Summit is an important opportunity to advance concrete action on global warming.  Countries, companies, state and local governments, and civil society groups should be expected to come to Rio prepared to strengthen the implementation of their existing commitments and undertake new actions to reduce emissions.  One of roads to Rio should lead through clean energy and deforestation actions that help to address global warming pollution.  I’m in NY for preparatory meetings for Rio+20 so here are some initial thoughts as I …

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