The future will be battery-powered

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coal story, bro

The West’s biggest coal plant may be about to shut down

It's the seventh-largest single source of CO2 emissions in the United States.

looking back

How Obama transformed clean energy in the West

The region's energy development revolution may prove hard for Trump to stamp out.

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U.S. likely to become a major energy exporter in a decade

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Dam nation

Costa Rica got 98 percent of its electricity from renewables in 2016.

The Central American nation is large and in charge when it comes to renewable energy. But it's not perfect. Yet.


A snarky 1917 article was totally sure we’d be over coal by 2017.

“Something better and cheaper will have been discovered," a writer penned.


Florida voted down an anti-solar initiative.

Utilities were pushing a deceptive amendment that would have discouraged rooftop solar, but voters shot it down.

we'll always have paris?

Here’s how Trump plans to scrap that Paris climate deal.

We've been hearing this promise for a while. This is how he'd make it happen.

beam me up

Watch Trump supporters talk about their love for solar panels.

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