Generation Anthropocene

‘Canopy Meg’ wants you to care about the rainforest

Amazing gravity-defying botanist talks about flying snakes, tree sloths, and the 98 percent of life in the rainforest that we don’t even know exists yet.

Strange things are afoot in the Arctic Circle

A research team recently discovered previously unknown life under young Arctic sea ice. Could it have anything to do with climate change?

We can’t solve our environmental problems without business

“If business isn’t developing solutions to our sustainability issues, they won’t be developed,” says Andy Hoffman, a professor of sustainable enterprise at the University of Michigan.

Crowd control: 7 billion people. One last chance to save the planet

Renowned biologist Paul Ehrlich talks about the population problem, the “gibbering idiots” who think he’s wrong, and why we’re incapable of coping with slow-rolling environmental catastrophes.

Are our 15 seconds of fame up, geologically speaking?

Paleontologist Jonathan Payne says we’re not seeing the sixth mass extinction yet. But give us time …

Animal instincts: Can we harness human nature to do good for the world?

People are predisposed to wander, but travel has hidden environmental price tags. Human ecologist Bill Durham talks about using our wanderlust to connect people with the planet.

The 9 billion-person question: What kind of cities will we build?

As humanity rushes into urban areas, the future of life on Earth hangs in the balance, says environmental historian Jon Christensen. Can we weave natural ecosystems into our human habitat, and vice versa?

Survivor, endangered species edition: We decide who lives and dies

As the sixth great extinction descends on us, we have tough choices to make about which species stay and which ones get voted off the island. Nobel Peace Prize-winning biologist Terry Root has some thoughts for the jury.

Stanford nutrition guru on how to change our food system (without giving up pizza)

Stanford professor Christopher Gardner says all the nutrition studies in the world couldn’t convince Americans to change their diets. He knows what is finally doing the trick, though.