Get Small

This town was almost blown off the map — now it’s back, and super green

When the town of Greensburg, Kan., was nearly wiped off the map by a giant tornado, local residents decided to rebuild a town that would endure.

Local schmocal: Why small-scale solutions won’t save the world

We like to think we do our part by buying local and riding our bikes. Not so, says author Greg Sharzer. We need a revolution!

Community thrives along a nearly forgotten slice of an urban river

The North Branch of the Chicago River had nearly vanished from both sight and memory. Then the Riverbank Neighbors appeared.

Writer and local-living maestra Christie Aschwanden chats live with Grist readers

Aschwanden spent a year connecting to her "local habitat" and discovered that it was not only better for the planet -- it was better for her, too.

Want to save the planet? Shrink your habitat — not just your apartment

All that recycling and bicycling and turning off the lights? It’s completely undone the second you step onto an airplane.

Mini-mansions are all the rage

Both industrial designers and industrious teens alike are engineering tiny paragons of sustainable living. Behold some of our recent favorites.

Climate change is making animals shrink

Animals worldwide cope with climate change by getting physically smaller, in a biological trend scientists call "adorbs."

March is ‘Get Small’ month at Grist

Do massive, planetary-scale dilemmas look different at eye height? In March, we intend to find out, as we seek micro solutions to macro problems.