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Dispatches from a no-wrap Christmas

Photo: plastic_batFor my mother, sweet vindication came as an early Christmas gift this year on page 59 of a lifestyle magazine. This particular magazine, which specializes in snappy home décor, delicious cookery, and other ways to make your life more fabulous than your neighbors’, ran a spread on stylish new ways to wrap presents. There, nestled between the hand-stamped parcel paper and the wrapping designed by local artisans, this anonymous magazine (okay, it was Sunset) featured a present swathed in newspaper. Regular old newspaper, left over from last Sunday’s pile. Sure, they tucked a sprig of redwood greenery into the …


Team Tupperware: Doing away with disposables for good — and loving it

Pig out: This week, the Greenie Pig opts out of disposable junk.Somewhere on the California coast, between redwood territory and the Bay Area, lies the world’s most self-righteous coffee shop. My boyfriend, Ted, and I stopped there two summers ago for some much-needed caffeine. But as we queued up to order, handwritten signs confronted us from all angles. “We don’t use disposable cups, utensils, or flatware,” they sneered. “BYO or get out, you earth-hating douchebags!” OK, that’s not exactly what the signs said. But that was the spirit of the message, and the coffee shop did, indeed, decline to serve …


The Greenie Pig is on a (carbon) diet

I’ve become quite the calorie-counter lately. With the holiday season upon us, I’m really tightening my belt, carefully calculating the number of calories I’d consume from all kinds of daily choices and sniffing out ways to trim the buggers from my diet. Like many a calorie-counter before me can attest, it’s frustrating work. Of course, by “calorie,” I mean “pounds of greenhouse gas” and by “consume,” I mean “emit into the atmosphere.” Forgive me for the diet-speak, but perhaps you’d understand if you were hauling around a load of excess carbon like I am. After traveling from Seattle to far …


Greenie Pig on ‘shrooms: A trip into wild-food foraging

Photo: Elisabeth Kwak-HefferanFarm to table? Please, so 2009. Forest to table is where it’s at right now. And while foraging one’s own nettles, berries, or chestnuts (or paying top dollar for them at hip restaurants) has both foodies and greenies all in a tizzy these days, no other gathering activity has quite the cachet of mushroom hunting. Hey, what’s not to admire when your commodity of choice is delicious, valuable, tough to find, and, in the hands of amateurs, may cause profuse vomiting? Mushroom foraging, like all foraging, is by no means new. An elite and secretive society has existed …

Climate Change

The Greenie Pig gets religion on global warming

Forgive me, Earth, for I have sinned. You see, a dear childhood friend of my boyfriend’s got married last Saturday. Our attendance was a foregone conclusion — there was no way Ted could miss his bro’s big day. Problem was, we live in Seattle, and this wedding was in Marfa, Texas, a tiny town a full eight hours’ drive from Austin. We had to travel — a lot — to reach this blessed event. With travel come carbon emissions, and with carbon emissions comes guilt. If it helps, I feel really bad about it. Perhaps the most hardcore greenies out …


Jam on it: Uncanny adventures in food preservation

The Greenie Pig gets over her fear of botulism and partakes in some serious home economics.


What worms eat for breakfast

Our budding Worm Mistress settles in to life with the wrigglers and discovers that it's not as complicated as she feared.

Green Home

The Greenie Pig’s got worms

This aspiring eco-mama's got a box of wigglers in the kitchen. Just please guys, don’t try to escape.

Green Living Tips

Meet the Greenie Pig

We join our hero as she strives for eco-enlightenment after a lifetime of just going halfway.

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