Grist 50

Grist 50: Member pick

Meet the fixer: This developer built an app for food waste.

Perfectly good meals wind up in the trash. Raj Karmani built an Uber for food waste.

Meet the fixer: This lawyer stands with indigenous activists.

Police have arrested more than 700 Dakota Access demonstrators. Tara Houska stands with anti-pipeline activists.

Meet the fixer: This policy wonk shows state leadership on solar.

Federal clean energy efforts are too weak. David Hochschild has a state blueprint for solar.

Meet the fixer: This startup founder built a Fitbit for the planet.

It’s hard to track the local effects of climate change. Davida Herzl creates Fitbit-like tools for the planet.

Meet the fixer: This farmer champions efficiency.

American farms waste a ton of food. Ben Hartman shows how more efficient farms can prosper.

Meet the fixer: This comedian spotlights indigenous rights.

Indigenous causes don't get headlines. Dallas Goldtooth puts pipeline fights center stage.

Meet the fixer: This housing advocate is rebuilding Buffalo.

Rust Belt cities are full of abandoned houses. Rahwa Ghirmatzion transforms old buildings into green, healthy homes.

Grist 50: Al Gore's pick

Meet the fixer: This civil rights activist takes on the South’s sewage problem.

Sewage is a problem that few will touch. Catherine Flowers brings civil rights to the fight for environmental justice.

Grist 50: Tom Colicchio's pick

Meet the fixer: This farmer uses AI for efficiency.

Agriculture sucks up too much water and energy. Irving Fain uses AI to make farming more efficient.