Grist List

Nail polish

Your nail polish might come with a coating of harmful health effects

Researchers found high levels of a potential hormone disruptor in the bodies of study participants after they painted their nails.

Washing face

California bans microbeads, fish rejoice

The Golden State is the latest to ban those tiny balls in your face wash.

Club sandwich

What goes into a sandwich? 6 months and $1,500

This video shows the true cost of ... sandwiches.

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal? More like Booby Jindal

Louisiana guv tells Obama not to mention climate change during Katrina anniversary visit

Jindal asks Obama to "not insert the divisive political agenda of liberal environmental activism" into his remarks. Obama is ignoring him.

These elected officials eat hemp to make a point

A Democrat and a Republican joined forces for a meal of banned food.

Muslim leaders call for climate action in new declaration

It's not just the pope anymore.

An employee operates a bulldozer while destroying illegally imported food falling under restrictions in Belgorod region, Russia, August 6, 2015

Putin bulldozes tons of perfectly good (and illegal) cheese

The Russian president shows distaste for illegal imports, despite hard times for hungry Russians. Meanwhile, folks are probably wondering what's in Mr. Putin's fridge.

Public Stewart

Jon Stewart gets in one last great dig at climate deniers

National treasure Jon Stewart says farewell to "The Daily Show" with a lesson on spotting that most constant enemy: bullshit.

Old bananas

Instead of composting old fruit, these students want to powder it

Fopo Powders pulverizes expired food into produce powders, which are like the nutritious distant relatives of PixyStix.