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Oil company ‘fesses up, feigns surprise about spill

Well, now we know the source of the renewed oil assault on Louisiana's shores. Oil company Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners has admitted that it had a "minor leak" while plugging a disused oil well. In some kind of Chanukah miracle, the five gallons of crude they admit to spilling turned into a 30-mile-long wash of oil covering Louisiana's coastline. Turns out that when you report a pollution event, it's all on the honor system — nobody checks up to find out whether your five gallon leak was really 50. The company apparently underreported to avoid fines, and they would have gotten …

Louisiana’s new oil plague sounds tasty, is terrifying

Remember tar balls? Those were just an appetizer. The scary new oil formations washing up on Louisiana’s beaches sound like you’d get them at Whole Foods — “emulsified oil,” “oil mousse.” Um, yum? This comes right on the heels of the government approving deepwater exploration plans for the first time since last year’s disaster. Sure, I guess we’re ready to start deepwater drilling again! What’s the worst that could happen? Emulsified oil? I’ll put it on my arugula! If “oil mousse” doesn’t strike you as tasty enough, what about penguin toast? Okay, maybe that is not a real food, but …

Bad energy

If President Obama calls it safe, watch out

Pondering whether “safe” means what he thought it meant.Photo: The White HousePresident Barack Obama is a good fellow at work in a difficult era, to say the least. So this post is not intended to be a slam on the president. Still, it is a good idea for Obama to be much more cautious when he draws from conventional wisdom, and the word of aides, to publicly express his view that a big energy sector is safe. You’ll recall that on March 31, 2010, President Obama announced the government would open much of the Atlantic coastline and the eastern Gulf …

so long and no thanks for all the oil

As if the Gulf Coast hasn’t had enough to deal with, now there are dead baby dolphins

Swim, little guy! Swim away as fast as you can!Photo: Mark LeeWell HERE’S some cheerful news for your Friday afternoon: Dozens of dead baby dolphins have been washing ashore in the Gulf of Mexico, along Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. Crap. The timing seems pretty suspicious — the BP oil spill happened around the time these baby dolphins would have been starting to gestate. But NOAA’s cautioning people not to leap exuberantly through a hoop to conclusions. Cold water can also kill dolphins, and the water has been cold lately — in fact, NOAA was already starting to look into weather-related …

Did you have to let it linger?

BP’s oil: still causing trouble in the Gulf

BP’s vast oil spill may be out of the headlines, but its oil isn’t out of the Gulf. Reports the Associated Press: Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a scientist’s video and slides that demonstrate the oil isn’t degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor. Showing slides of the devastation at the sea bottom at a conference, the scientist, Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia, described the scene in blunt terms: “This is Macondo oil on the bottom … This is dead …

renaissance van

Van Jones on the economic injustice of plastic [VIDEO]

Van Jones lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice in this TED talk.

How to spell "BP"

Did we learn anything from the BP oil spill?

The National Oil Spill Commission has given marching orders on how to prevent another disaster. But will Congress listen?

Same oil song

Big Oil pushes expanded offshore drilling without new safeguards

Big Oil continues to lust after huge profits at the expense of the health and welfare of the American people. The leader of the American Petroleum Institute rashly advocated a speedy return to expanded offshore oil drilling last week even before the BP oil spill commission issued its recommendations for additional safeguards for future offshore oil production.

Methane mystery solved

Gulf oil spill methane bloom disappears

When scientists returned to the Gulf in September, they discovered that high levels of methane had all but disappeared, consumed by bacterial blooms.

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