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Bad energy

If President Obama calls it safe, watch out

Pondering whether "safe" means what he thought it meant.Photo: The White HousePresident Barack Obama is a good fellow at work in a difficult era, to say the least. So this post is not intended to be a slam on the president. Still, it is a good idea for Obama to be much more cautious when he draws from conventional wisdom, and the word of aides, to publicly express his view that a big energy sector is safe. You'll recall that on March 31, 2010, President Obama announced the government would open much of the Atlantic coastline and the eastern Gulf …


so long and no thanks for all the oil

As if the Gulf Coast hasn’t had enough to deal with, now there are dead baby dolphins

Swim, little guy! Swim away as fast as you can!Photo: Mark LeeWell HERE'S some cheerful news for your Friday afternoon: Dozens of dead baby dolphins have been washing ashore in the Gulf of Mexico, along Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. Crap. The timing seems pretty suspicious -- the BP oil spill happened around the time these baby dolphins would have been starting to gestate. But NOAA's cautioning people not to leap exuberantly through a hoop to conclusions. Cold water can also kill dolphins, and the water has been cold lately -- in fact, NOAA was already starting to look into weather-related …

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Did you have to let it linger?

BP’s oil: still causing trouble in the Gulf

BP's vast oil spill may be out of the headlines, but its oil isn't out of the Gulf. Reports the Associated Press: Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a scientist's video and slides that demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor. Showing slides of the devastation at the sea bottom at a conference, the scientist, Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia, described the scene in blunt terms: "This is Macondo oil on the bottom ... This is dead …


renaissance van

Van Jones on the economic injustice of plastic [VIDEO]

You may not have been aware that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch had its own TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference. Luckily for conferencegoers, the event was held in Los Angeles rather than on the garbage patch itself. In a short, passionate talk, former Obama administration green jobs czar Van Jones lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice. Plastic trash, he says, hits poor people and poor countries "first and worst," with consequences we all share no matter where we live and what we earn. Watch his talk:

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How to spell "BP"

Did we learn anything from the BP oil spill?

What did we learn?The National Oil Spill Commission on Tuesday released a voluminous report on the causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and its implications for the future of offshore drilling in the United States. The report, a doorstop of more than 300 pages, contains a long list of advice for the oil industry and federal regulators about how to avert a future catastrophe. But many of the commission's recommendations require action from Congress -- and given the current political climate, those changes might be hard to make for at least the next two years. "The industry fought measures in …


Same oil song

Big Oil pushes expanded offshore drilling without new safeguards

This article was cross-posted from the Center for American Progress. The original version was posted before the Gulf oil spill commission released its findings. "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." (The more things change, the more they stay the same.)- Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849 Monsieur Karr's 160-year-old epigram neatly captures the state of the American oil industry in 2011. Big Oil continues to lust after huge profits at the expense of the health and welfare of the American people. This reckless money chase occurs even though the production, combustion, and reliance on oil pollutes the water and air, …


Methane mystery solved

Gulf oil spill methane bloom disappears

Methane from the BP oil spill was consumed by bacterial blooms.Photo: Greenpeace InternationalTwo months after the BP oil spill, scientists discovered methane concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico were a million times greater than background levels. "Based on past data and research, we thought the methane would persist in those deeper plumes for years," Dr. John Kessler, an assistant professor of oceanography at Texas A&M, said in an interview. In June, Kessler and scientists from the University of California, Santa Barbara, led a research expedition to the Gulf to measure methane. In a paper to be published today in Science …

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ten dollar milkshakes, half off every day

$5-a-gallon gas can be good for the environment — if we seize the moment

Former Shell president John Hofmeister's prediction that gasoline prices could hit $5 per gallon in 2012 represents both an enormous challenge and an important opportunity for environmentalists working to stop global warming, protect our coasts, and to stop the destructive expansion of Canadian tar sands and other dirty fuels. We should seize this moment to launch a major campaign to end our dependence on oil by investing in new technologies and building the clean transportation alternatives that will protect our environment and middle class families from our dependence on oil. With America at a crossroads, we should recognize this challenge …


finger-clickin' good

The 10 most popular Grist posts of 2010

We Audi know better The unheralded significance of the Audi 'green police' ad The Audi ad that ran during the Super Bowl featured the "green police" arresting people for various eco-crimes like not composting an orange peel. It ends with Audi's suggestion for evading the green police: driving off in a diesel A3 TDI (named by Green Car Journal as Green Car of the Year). David Roberts' commentary on whether the ad was aimed at teabaggers or enviros got folks all hot 'n' bothered. I’ve got Kevin Costner on the phone. He’ll know what to do. The BP coffee spill …


About to Ralph

New House Science chair praises 'tremendous' BP spill, plans to subpoena climate scientists

Rep. Ralph Hall.Cross-posted from the Wonk Room. Incoming House Science Chair Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas) plans to put big oil back in charge of his committee. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News this month, the climate zombie declared his intention to use the House Science and Technology Committee to investigate the "false statements" of climate scientists, and "subpoena" those who don't appear willingly. Hall also explained why the BP disaster "didn't dampen his enthusiasm for offshore drilling." He sees the BP explosion that killed 11 men, injured dozens, and led to the despoilment of the Gulf of Mexico …