Hot And Bothered

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Heat-related disasters? There’s a map for that

Help us track the summer's extreme heat and weather incidents with this magical map we made in like a day.

An aircraft releases fire-retardant over Black Forest, Colo.

How climate change makes wildfires worse

In Colorado, extreme weather is fueling fierce fires. Again.

Colorado burning

Colorado is burning as climate change extends wildfire season

The head of the U.S. Forest Service recently warned Congress that climate change is prolonging the annual wildfire season. Colorado is feeling the heat.

Island in the sun: Why are our cities heating up faster than everywhere else?

Urban heat islands are considerably hotter than their more rural surrounds. Here's why.

Grist talks wildfire on NPR’s Talk of the Nation

Susie Cagle told the story of how her family's house burned down in a 1977 wildfire -- and about watching a fire burn on the hill above it, threatening to torch it a second time.


It’s hard to sea, but the globe is still warming

Did you hear that global warming has slowed down or even stopped? Sorry to burst your bubble, but the extra heat is just sleeping with the fishes. For now.

Would Mount Everest’s first conquerors recognize it anymore?

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. But thanks to climate change, these aren't the same peaks.

Living with fire: Survival and stubbornness in California wildfire country

Susie Cagle’s family’s house burned to the ground in a 1977 wildfire. They rebuilt. She’s still trying to understand why.

Disappearing glaciers: Now you see them, now you don’t

Glaciers worldwide aren't aging well. Watch some of the most famous ones fade before your eyes in this fascinating (and scary) interactive feature.