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“I kind of thought that eco-friendly clothes meant misshapen hemp sweaters — you know, from like 1992 or something.” — actress Maggie Gyllenhaal


Actress Rachael Leigh Cook disses drilling

I stopped by the “Bank of America Goes Green” reception on Monday, where they ended up not talking too much about green issues after all, what with the hurricane as the more pressing issue of the moment. But actress Rachael …


Daryl Hannah promotes eco-values at the Democratic convention

Actress and eco-activist Daryl Hannah is in Denver this week, where she’s promoting environmental awareness among delegates and other attendees. I ran into her accidentally while parking my bike, and was able to grab a few minutes to talk about …


Van Jones on Chicago Tonight

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He’s good:


U.S. Senate candidate Scott Kleeb and the clean energy roundup

Fresh from an overwhelming primary victory in Nebraska's U.S. Senate race, 32-year-old rancher, Yale Ph.D., and college history teacher Scott Kleeb spoke with me on the phone about his "brand of change" for a clean energy economy and the environment. …


Oceans of love for the Tesla-driving Matt Damon

Photo: PBS Not that I’m f*cking (in love with) Matt Damon and would use even vaguely green news as an excuse to write about him — what would give you that idea? — but the Bourne star was spotted earlier …

Climate & Energy

Q&A with Van Jones about the Climate Security Act and green jobs

Van Jones. What does the green jobs and justice community think about the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act? To get one perspective, Grist caught up with Van Jones, the founder of Green For All, a group that promotes green-jobs policies and …

Feed your Van Jones crush

Premier episode of a new online film series features Jones and Carl Pope

A new online film series called This Brave Nation premiered its first episode Sunday night: a conversation between Carl Pope and Van Jones. Both are natives of Frisco and both are equally adamant about environmental stewardship, but they have vastly …