Hurricane Sandy

Budweiser provided canned water for Sandy victims

This was particularly nice of them because it's so easy to make water jokes about their beer.

Scientists can use satellites to track how much raw sewage Sandy deposited in our waterways

Satellites are letting scientists know what happened to all the sewage from Hurricane Sandy. Which we need to know about, even though it's uh, crappy news.

Superstorm Sandy hit Superfund sites, spread toxic pollution

Superstorm Sandy took a toll on East Coast Superfund sites, waterways and more. Cleanup is underway but the full impact is not yet known.

Sandy’s winds caused new World Trade Center building to make an eerie humming sound

Rising winds from Sandy caused the unfinished 104-story tower made a sound like a weird ghost.

Solar-powered generators save Sandy victims from waiting in line for gas

It’s nice to think that the aftermath of an eco-catastrophe won’t be forcing everyone to use unsustainable power sources that will probably only make climate change worse.

Because every disaster needs its ridiculous problem, let’s talk about these people who gained five pounds after Sandy

Sandy was a monster. It leveled neighborhoods. People lost lives and homes. Some residents, however, have a complaint of a less grave nature.

Hundreds of thousands still without power post-Sandy, provoking backlash against utilities

New York Gov. Cuomo is furious with utilities and promises to review their contracts. Meanwhile, Reuters looks at whether customers could sue.

Climate and Hurricane Sandy: What’s in a name?

Plumbing the storm's names and nicknames leads to some useful takeaways for communicating about climate change.

Climate change made Sandy worse. Period.

One symptom of climate change -- rising sea levels -- made superstorm Sandy directly and unmistakably worse.