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The MTA makes subway cars fly

Usually public transit users can take the subway to the Rockawas, but post-Sandy, that's just not happening. The MTA is working on a solution.

Climate & Energy

ExxonMobil contributes to Hurricane Sandy

$1 million dollars. What'd you think we meant?

Climate & Energy

Oh, cool, another big storm headed for the East Coast

The storm-battered Northeast is bracing for a strong Nor’easter. The flooding won't be as bad as during Sandy, but that's not much consolation.

This post-Sandy image will seriously mess with your head

This dude either has amazing core strength or lives in a freaky sideways universe.

Climate & Energy

New York struggles to clean up — and to figure out how to prevent another disaster like Sandy

Ravaged shorelines and crippled infrastructure have forced New Yorkers to start thinking about their vulnerability to future storms.

Climate & Energy

We’re now on track for an 11-degree temperature increase by 2100

Nice work, everyone. We did it.


Oil-rig wasteland: How the election looks from 37,000 feet

What's at stake in this election? Nothing that isn't laid bare on a flight over the West's booming, and devastated, gas fields.

Business & Technology

Blinded by science: The allure of the technological fix after Hurricane Sandy

Structural protection and technological solutions alone can't keep us safe from climate-related disasters -- and assuming as much can end up causing even more damage.

VIDEO: Romney confronted in Ohio, “Do you still think the rising of the seas is funny?”

At a campaign event today in Etna, Ohio, Gov. Romney was asked, “Do you still think the rising of the seas is funny?” Romney responded, “I never imagined such a thing is funny,” despite using …