Hurricane Sandy

Climate change made Sandy worse. Period.

One symptom of climate change -- rising sea levels -- made superstorm Sandy directly and unmistakably worse.

Wind turbines: Wrong for Sandy, wrong for Colbert

A conservative columnist argues that oil was the cure for Sandy. Oil does not, however, cure stupid.

The MTA makes subway cars fly

Usually public transit users can take the subway to the Rockawas, but post-Sandy, that's just not happening. The MTA is working on a solution.

ExxonMobil contributes to Hurricane Sandy

$1 million dollars. What'd you think we meant?

Oh, cool, another big storm headed for the East Coast

The storm-battered Northeast is bracing for a strong Nor’easter. The flooding won't be as bad as during Sandy, but that's not much consolation.

This post-Sandy image will seriously mess with your head

This dude either has amazing core strength or lives in a freaky sideways universe.

New York struggles to clean up — and to figure out how to prevent another disaster like Sandy

Ravaged shorelines and crippled infrastructure have forced New Yorkers to start thinking about their vulnerability to future storms.

We’re now on track for an 11-degree temperature increase by 2100

Nice work, everyone. We did it.

Oil-rig wasteland: How the election looks from 37,000 feet

What's at stake in this election? Nothing that isn't laid bare on a flight over the West's booming, and devastated, gas fields.