Hurricane Sandy

Blinded by science: The allure of the technological fix after Hurricane Sandy

Structural protection and technological solutions alone can't keep us safe from climate-related disasters -- and assuming as much can end up causing even more damage.

VIDEO: Romney confronted in Ohio, “Do you still think the rising of the seas is funny?”

At a campaign event today in Etna, Ohio, Gov. Romney was asked, “Do you still think the rising of the seas is funny?” Romney responded, “I never imagined such a thing is funny,” despite using rising sea levels as a punchline in …

Meet the man who’s kept climate change off the Hurricane Sandy Wikipedia page

Thanks to climate denier Ken Mampel, visitors to the world's most popular encyclopedia won't get info about links between climate change and Sandy.

New York City cancels marathon in light of Sandy’s devastation

Sandy devastation forces officials to cancel one of the city's premier athletic events -- and many New Yorkers breathe a sigh of relief.

NYC’s urban farms face a climate reality check

For New York's urban farms, Hurricane Sandy was more than a discouraging blow -- it was a reason to reevaluate what it means to grow food in a city limited by the realities of climate change.

Big Oil reports massive profits during Sandy cleanup

While victims of Hurricane Sandy continue to suffer, the soulless oil companies that helped escalate the disaster are bringing in big bucks.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is checking on people’s families, hosting sleepovers, and generally being amazing

In the aftermath of Sandy, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is dispensing supplies, offering supportive words, and even letting folks crash at his house. Meet your new political crush.

After Sandy, food trucks aren’t just a novelty anymore

In a New York no-power zone, food trucks are providing hot meals, free coffee, and charging stations.

Subtle sea-level rise is exactly what climate change looks like

The oceans may be rising faster than we expected.