Hurricane Sandy

In wake of Sandy, media may finally be willing to discuss climate change

The scale and destruction of Hurricane Sandy has made the issue of climate change impossible to ignore by politicians and the media -- even Fox is getting in on the action.

Hurricane hunger: What happens when a city’s food network breaks down

With long lines and empty shelves, Hurricane Sandy has revealed the fragile web of food distribution that many New Yorkers take for granted.

New York City’s urban farms gasp for air after Sandy

Superstorm Sandy wiped out some of New York City's urban farms. What's next for farming in this new age of extreme weather?

FYI, Sandy did not initiate nuclear Armageddon

A nuclear plant in New Jersey raised its action level to "alert" after superstorm Sandy hit. Now it's not on alert anymore.

Sandy could result in kinder, gentler subway rats

If the dominant rats were further down in the tunnels, mostly submissive rats would have survived. Which could make rats nicer overall. Maybe. Probably not.

Breezy Point, Queens, reels from hurricane-caused inferno [VIDEO]

The quaint seaside hamlet became a scene of devastation after gale-force winds abetted a fire that ultimately leveled over 100 homes.

Sandy spooks East Coast Halloween

Did Frankenstorm Sandy crush Halloween hopes?

Mayor Bloomberg’s ASL interpreter was the unsung hero of Sandy

Lydia Callis kept New Yorkers sane, and gave them something awesome to look at during a tense time.

The most first-worldy complaints about superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy has brought on some serious #firstworldproblems for Wall Street traders and CEOs in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.