Hurricane Sandy


Congressmember from heavily subsidized state worried about waste during Sandy relief

Rep. Steve King is terribly concerned that federal money going to New Yorkers instead of Iowans will be spent on purses and massages.

Climate & Energy

At long last, New York City considers how to ward off rising waters

With subways and streets flooded, New York City is facing a few reality. Infrastructural changes may be the phoenix to rise from Hurricane Sandy's ashes.


Sandy wipes out biggest beekeeping operation in New York City

Superstorm Sandy destroyed hives that were home to a million bees in Brooklyn, a blow to efforts to develop bees well-suited to New York City.


Expect less seafood in Sandy’s wake

Post superstorm Sandy, you may see less fish on restaurant menus.


Meghan McCain takes a stand for climate change, whips up a storm

The blogger's tweet about Sandy didn't exactly endear her to conservatives.

Climate & Energy

Hawks vs. scolds: How ‘reverse tribalism’ affects climate communication

When connecting extreme weather to climate change, hawks are in a constant battle with scolds who tell them to tone it down. But storms like Sandy provide an opportunity to give the issue lasting cultural resonance.

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NASA warned New York about hurricane danger six years ago

Scientists told us a storm like Sandy would be catastrophic. When will we get better at dealing with long-range risks?

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Sandy makes New York’s East River even less appealing

Oil slicks have been spotted in the East River, but they're probably due to contaminants washing from land into water, not due to one big leak.


Density helps New Yorkers keep the lights on

Dense housing means underground power lines. Which means power even after an überstorm hits.