Hurricane Sandy

Density helps New Yorkers keep the lights on

Dense housing means underground power lines. Which means power even after an überstorm hits.

A boat on the train tracks, and other transportation effects from Sandy

Some pictures of Sandy's impact on the region's transportation, plus resources for finding out when you'll be able to use buses and trains again.

Romney doesn’t want to talk about preparing for or responding to Sandy

Last year, Mitt Romney said the federal government should get out of the emergency-management business. Now he's not saying anything at all.

Oysters could have helped save New York from Sandy

They're basically the coral reefs of the Northeast.

Hurricane Sandy

New York City’s latest massive disaster

The most effective predictor of who would be spared the worst impacts: elevation.

The most stunning images from monster storm Sandy

Well, that was a hell of a storm. Here's what it looked like up close.

Your Sandy symbolism of the morning: An oil tanker stranded on Staten Island

The 150-foot-long vessel washed up on the island's eastern edge last night.

Superstorm Sandy’s climate change connection

Frankenstorm Sandy is a freak of our decidedly human-damaged nature. Scientists mostly agree that climate change had a hand in crafting it. But how, exactly?

Microgrids could bring big green changes to power systems

Small electric grids could boost power reliability during emergencies like Hurricane Sandy.