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Top 10 greenest cities in North America

It seems like we get a new list of greenest, most climate-change-prepared, most bike-friendly etc. cities every week or so. But we never really get tired of looking at these rankings, and checking them against each other to decide where we should fantasize about moving. Today, it's a list of the top greenest cities in North America from Siemens and the Economist Intelligence Unit. This ranking takes into account carbon emissions, land use, transportation, energy usage, buildings, water and air quality, waste, and environmental governance. Drumroll please for the top 10:

10 non-boring ideas about the environment

Climate alarmism is counterproductive, and rah-rah Earth fandom is boring. But there are still some fresh perspectives out there — some are a little nutty, sure, but they're a change from the standard fare. Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic has rounded up ten interesting ideas about the environment, so you can try them on for size. Think of it as a shopping spree to expand your idea wardrobe — even if none of them end up being your idea LBD. Some of our favorites: Looking at nature makes you a better human (#2) Instead of saving the habitats, we should …


6 things you didn’t know about condoms

Rock and unroll.Photo: OhMiBod It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: time to gird your loins. Here are some wacky prophylactic facts to get you excited (ahem) about condoms, if the whole “prevent kids and the spread of disease” thing isn’t sexy enough for you. 6. Valentine’s Day is also National Condom Day [PDF]. The whole week following V-Day is actually National Condom Week, started by UC-Berkeley students in 1978. And the American Social Health Association deems February National Condom Month! Let’s hope Some E-Cards has something snarky in store for the occasion (like this gem). 5. …

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Top green stories of the ’00s

POP ‘TIL YOU DROPCelebs and movies and magazines and TV go green Everyone who’s anyone made a show of going green during the ‘00s — sometimes literally. Cameron Diaz had her Trippin’ series on MTV, kicking off a trend later embraced by stars like Brad Pitt and Adrian Grenier. Leonardo DiCaprio whipped up both a TV show and a documentary, the Discovery Channel launched Planet Green TV, and NBC declared that “Green Is Universal.” Countless other celebs “went green” in their own little (sometimes very little) ways. The media jumped all over this trend, with Julia Roberts and George Clooney …

Forget Polar Bears and PPM

Top 25 reasons to give a damn about climate change

For some people, climate change is a tough cause to rally ’round — even those who understand that it’s happening and that it’s human-caused get distracted by things like eating, working, having sex, watching TV, or watching people on TV have sex. While social scientists ponder the best ways to get the message out and motivate the masses — and since we’re gearing up to cover December’s climate talks in Copenhagen — we’ve devised a Grist list of good reasons to care about this global crisis. Got reasons of your own? Let us know in the comments section below. 25. …

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Hollywood’s next green generation

We know. There’s nothing green about owning a 20,000-square foot house, or flying in a private jet, or stocking a wardrobe the size of a studio apartment. Famous actors indisputably leave a much larger carbon footprint than the average citizen. But their celebrity gives them a far greater ability to influence others, so their efforts toward eco-consciousness can make a difference. Two years ago Grist published a list of green actors. Now we give you an updated version: some younger, fresher faces whose greenness may not be as dark or deep as that of Robert Redford and Ed Begley Jr., …

The Grist List: From Underwear to Underwater

Change the world by changing your underpants, and more

We’ll be briefWant to change the world? Start with your underwear.            

Getting schooled

Top 20 green colleges

Sierra magazine has just released its third annual list of what it calls “the most eco-enlightened U.S. colleges.” It ranks schools based on the results of a questionnaire sent to sustainability experts at hundreds of institutions across the country. Scores were assigned in eight categories: efficiency, energy, food, academics, purchasing, transportation, waste management, and administration. The rankings come at a time when two-thirds of college applicants say a school’s green record would influence their enrollment decision, according to a Princeton Review survey [PDF]. Below we’ve got the dish on Sierra‘s top 20 picks. (Schools that also made the Princeton Review’s …

From Miley to Marvin

JoBros, Miley Cyrus send on eco-message, and more

Photo: Mark O’DonaldWake up, America!Miley Cyrus, the JoBros, and other Disney mouseketeers tweensters want you to “send it on” — your love for the earth, that is. However, when it comes to this sugar-pop single, we suggest you only send it on to your worst enemies.                    

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