Sick of the suburbs: How badly designed communities trash our health

There’s no way around it: The suburbs make us sick. One brave researcher has set out to spread the word -- and suggest healthy alternatives.


Pepsi spends $3 million a year so laws don’t come between corn syrup and your kids

Ironically-named food hero Marion Nestle just calculated that PepsiCo, which pumps enough high fructose corn syrup into the American public to turn out one Ghostbusters-size Stay Puft marshmallow man every 18 hours (I made that up; you get the idea), …


The Big Apple takes a bite out of childhood obesity

New York City appears to have won a skirmish in its war on childhood obesity. According to a new report out from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 2006 and 2011, the obesity rate among children ages 5-14 in …

Food Studies

Food Studies: Rethinking obesity, from Chris Christie to Catherine of Siena

A food studies student reads about the "fasting girls" of Victorian times, and rethinks the contemporary debate over morality and diet.


You shouldn’t be able to buy soda with food stamps

The USDA has rejected New York City's proposal to block the use of food stamps to buy soda. Anti-hunger advocates joined the soft-drink industry in rejoicing, but they've got it all wrong.


Cheap Twix: Junk food offers more calories for your cash

Want more proof of the link between poverty and obesity? Check out an infographic illustrating how empty calories are cheaper than nutritious ones.


McChange doesn't come easy

McDonald's announced that it will include apple slices and a smaller French fry serving in its Happy Meal. How significant is the announcement?

Industrial Agriculture

Is it enough to tax junk food and subsidize good food?

The New York Times' Mark Bittman is right that we need to tax junk food and make healthy food more affordable. But we also need to quash junk-food advertising.


The Bike Factor: Disability and the ability to ride a bicycle

For many people with disabilities, cars don't just symbolize independence and freedom, they make them possible. But this isn't universally true