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Kobe Bryant and LeBron James use public transit at the Olympics

If the American men's Olympic basketball team can use public transportation, so can everybody else.

Renewable Energy

This artificial waterfall will power Olympics 2016

This is Rio de Janeiro right now: “Hey, London, nice job with the terrifying brain slug mascots and logo that evokes cartoon incest. We’ve also been doing some design innovation for our Olympics! Yeah, we just made this giant beautiful waterfall that will generate renewable energy for the Olympic Village. But yours is good too!”


Cloned horses could compete in the Olympics

The highest body of equestrian sports, the Federation Equestre Internationale, is just a little obsessed with where horse babies come from. And not without reason — have you seen the prices for champion horse sperm these days? (Man, you know this is a phrase that has actually come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth. And we used to think arugula was elitist.) In the past, the best way to propagate and improve a horse’s line was the old-fashioned artificial insemination route. That’s expensive, and not a little messy, and it doesn’t work for champion horses that are also geldings (i.e., neutered). …

India could boycott Olympics over Dow Chemical sponsorship

The Olympics is supposed to be all about fellowship and camaraderie, but the London Olympics Committee might have cozied up to the wrong crowd. Dow Chemicals is set to sponsor the wrap that will cover the Olympic Stadium, and as a result of the company's involvement, the Indian Olympic Association could boycott the Games altogether. At issue is Dow Chemical's responsibility for the 1984 Bhopal gas leak, one of the worst environmental disasters in history, in which gas leaked from a pesticide plant, killing thousands of people and exposing hundreds of thousands more. Dow Chemical later bought the company responsible …

Critical List: Federally backed solar company closes; London drops carbon offset plan for Olympics

Solyndra, a solar company that had received more than $500 million in federally backed loan guarantees, is shutting down. Vermont's still reeling from Irene. Oklahoma lawmakers are looking for ways to block the Keystone XL pipeline locally. The organizers of the 2012 London Olympics are dropping their plan to offset the Games' carbon emissions. Weak.

Sochi far, Sochi not good

The ‘greenest Olympics’ actually an environmental catastrophe

If the Sochi Olympics are green, then this logo is compelling to look at.Like a downhill skier that crashes right out of the gate, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to earn a gold medal for “the greenest Olympics.” World Wildlife Fund Russia and Greenpeace Russia resigned from the Games’ advisory committee last year and recently boycotted a visit of U.N. Environment Program officials who were to inspect the progress, saying, “We do not want to be part of a green PR for the Olympic projects.” What are these NGOs …

Congestion engine

London’s transportation transformation for the 2012 Olympics [Video]

Congestion pricing has been a huge success in London — reducing traffic and making money for the city. What’s more, it challenges the notion that cities should be designed around cars rather than people. But as we’ll learn in this episode of e2, congestion pricing is the core of a much more sweeping vision that could transform London into a transit-efficient and pedestrian-friendly megacity in time for the 2012 Olympic games.

Shameless self-promotion

Talking Vancouver and successful urbanism on the radio

Photo courtesy BinoCanada via FlickrThere’s only so much to say about the Olympics and climate change. If you’re going to have the games, you’re going to have a lot of air-travel emissions (which account for more than half the climate impact of the Vancouver games). The city of Vancouver, on the other hand, presents a fascinating study in figuring out sustainable urbanism. For one, it’s got lots of compact, popular, wildly pricey condo towers downtown, yet it’s trying an entirely different neighborhood model at the blocky Olympic Village at Southeast False Creek. Here’s me talking on Community Matters with Lee …

Vancouver's Big O

Gold, silver, bronze, & green

What do the Vancouver Olympics have to do with Sir Richard Branson’s “Carbon War Room” and solar power? We hear from venture capitalist Jack Hidary on this Planet Forward webisode. Hidary and Branson aren’t just enjoying the sporting events at the Vancouver Olympics. They’ve started a “Carbon War Room” which is looking for market-driven solutions to climate change. And they met with over 50 mayors to discuss how entrepreneurs can help cities go green. Find more videos like this on Planet Forward Planet Forward is a online social network where creative and innovative ideas addressing global challenges are featured, discussed, …

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