TV teaches kids about science — with one glaring exception

Kids might not learn about melting ice caps, but at least they'll know about colossal squid!

State of play

How can I find a nontoxic playmat for my kid?

A mom wants her kid to be able to do gymnastics safely. Umbra tumbles onto the scene with suggestions.

The cleaner plate club: Making sustainable food realistic for parents

What does it really take to bridge the worlds of the "Monsanto-hatin’, farmers-market-shoppin’, card-carrying CSA member" and that of the harried working parent?

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

Will my baby be the 7 billionth?

Born in the U.S., my child will be one of the most voracious consumers on the planet. But to apologize for this seems to signal a loss of hope.

Mom could be arrested for letting her kid bike to school

There are a few factors that make it tricky for kids to bike or walk alone: Bad drivers who face insufficient consequences, lack of sidewalks and protected bike lanes, too few crosswalks. We COULD improve biking and walking infrastructure, and …

Singapore aims to become a city in a garden

Singapore wants to go from being "a garden city" to "a city in a garden." That could mean benefits for residents' health, children's development, and water and air quality.

Poison, poop, and trash: spring in the park

Yesterday, I was at the park with my kids after dinner, a “night session” as we call it. The dandelions, ubiquitous this time of year, had a distinctly sinister curve to their stems that meant they’d been sprayed recently with …

Worried about radiation in breast milk? Still best to keep breast-feeding

How can we best protect the wee ones?For survivors of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, there have been so many concerns: access to clean water and food, the need for shelter, the threat of disease. It’s the same awful list …


Bad food makes kids dumber, study says

Look, ma! No nutrients!Photo: Amanda WestmontA new study says 3-year-olds who mostly eat processed foods have lower IQs five years later. (So Pop-Tarts and Sunny-D are why we’re “falling behind” China in math and science?) The study, cited in The …