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The cleaner plate club: Making sustainable food realistic for parents

What does it really take to bridge the worlds of the "Monsanto-hatin’, farmers-market-shoppin’, card-carrying CSA member" and that of the harried working parent?


Will my baby be the 7 billionth?

Born in the U.S., my child will be one of the most voracious consumers on the planet. But to apologize for this seems to signal a loss of hope.

Mom could be arrested for letting her kid bike to school

There are a few factors that make it tricky for kids to bike or walk alone: Bad drivers who face insufficient consequences, lack of sidewalks and protected bike lanes, too few crosswalks. We COULD improve biking and walking infrastructure, and have cops actually crack down on illegal driving maneuvers. But that's hard! Instead, let's just arrest everybody who doesn't drive their kids to school. That appears to be the approach in Elizabethton, Tenn., where Teresa Tryon has been threatened with arrest if she keeps letting her daughter bike to school on her own.


Singapore aims to become a city in a garden

Singapore wants to go from being "a garden city" to "a city in a garden." That could mean benefits for residents' health, children's development, and water and air quality.

Poison, poop, and trash: spring in the park

Yesterday, I was at the park with my kids after dinner, a “night session” as we call it. The dandelions, ubiquitous this time of year, had a distinctly sinister curve to their stems that meant they’d been sprayed recently with 2-4-D, the world’s most widely used herbicide. You can smell it vaguely in the air, too, the sweet smell that wafts from outside a nursery. The health effects of 2-4-D are unclear — it’s a synthetic plant hormone — and there’s some concern it can be linked to cancer and Lou Gerhig’s disease. Or, others say, there is no concern. …


Worried about radiation in breast milk? Still best to keep breast-feeding

How can we best protect the wee ones?For survivors of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, there have been so many concerns: access to clean water and food, the need for shelter, the threat of disease. It’s the same awful list that accompanies natural disasters around the world — but with one big difference. In Japan, survivors also face the ongoing threat of radiation released by six reactors at the Fukushima Daiishi nuclear power plant. Under circumstances still not fully understood, the cooling systems at Fukushima lost power after the earthquake and tsunami. Large amounts of radioactive materials were blown hundreds …


Bad food makes kids dumber, study says

Look, ma! No nutrients!Photo: Amanda WestmontA new study says 3-year-olds who mostly eat processed foods have lower IQs five years later. (So Pop-Tarts and Sunny-D are why we’re “falling behind” China in math and science?) The study, cited in The Guardian, examined the diets of 14,000 wee Britlets, based on what their parents reported feeding them. Three is the magic number: Your brain grows the fastest from birth to age 3, says The Guardian, and what kids eat at 3 affects intelligence later — even if the kid’s diet improves afterwards. Dumb and dumber: “Every one-point increase in the study’s …

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8 things you can do about population

Things anyone can do to lessen population pressure: improve sex ed in local schools, support abortion rights, & don't push others to have kids.

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How the childfree can be parents too

Deciding to be childfree doesn't have to mean forgoing the joys of parenting. Co-parenting has a lot to offer for the childfree, parents, and kids.

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