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Climate science is Nate Silver and U.S. politics is Karl Rove

Republicans disregarded Nate Silver and other empiricists, and lost badly. Almost everyone is ignoring the empirical data of climate scientists -- and our losses could be catastrophic.

Climate & Energy

Obama might push for a carbon tax, according to optimists unfamiliar with ‘the House’

Several reports have suggested that a carbon tax could be part of a budget deal. John Boehner laughed and laughed.

Climate & Energy

2012 has been the hottest year ever in the United States

So far in 2012, the average temperature has been 3.4 degrees above average, and 1.1 degrees above the previous warmest year ever. Also, the drought continues.


What a Cabinet shake-up could mean for energy and the climate

Lisa Jackson at EPA, Steven Chu at the Dept. of Energy, and Ken Salazar at Interior are all rumored to be on the way out. Who might replace them?

Climate & Energy

Does Michigan’s clean-energy loss mean that greens are outgunned at the state level?

Michiganders voted down a requirement for 25 percent clean power by 2025. Blame a torrent of dirty-energy spending, which we'll be seeing more of in the future, says David Roberts.

Climate & Energy

The Times’ thorough overview of climate change’s new political moment

In the New York Times today is a handy overview of environmental politics over the course of Obama’s first term, focused on the new, post-Sandy …

Climate & Energy

What can we expect now from Obama on energy and climate?

A big climate bill won't pass Congress, but there's a lot Obama can do through executive action if he wants to build up a clean energy economy.


Meet your new United States Senate

Democrats did surprisingly well, winning a number of races enviros had focused on. But those gains won't likely lead to strong climate action.


House GOP climate deniers in epic power struggle to provide leadership on science

Because Washington remains terrible, last night notwithstanding.

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