Slow Ride Stories

As the climate warms, New England farming starts to look more like the mid-Atlantic

The Slow Ride crew visits a farm in New Hampshire to talk climate -- and test out the corn maze.

Something’s (not very) fishy about the Atlantic Ocean [VIDEO]

Weird conditions off the New England coast have fishermen puzzled. Is this the face of global warming, or just the latest curveball from an unpredictable climate?

Did climate change cause the Great Lobster Invasion of 2012?

The Slow Ride Stories crew takes this question to the guys who know this creature best -- the lobstermen of Glocester, Mass. The answer? Well, depends who you’re asking.

An oceanographer, a marine chemist, and a couple of geologists walk into a bar …

The Slow Ride Stories gang descends on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in search of a punchline for this joke -- and a few answers to life's persistent questions.

Swimming in it: An idyllic New England creek becomes a raging menace

When Hurricane Irene blew through New York state last year, a neighboring creek gushed into Catherine Taylor-Rosenbaum's basement. It wasn't the first flood in recent memory, and she doesn't think it will be the last. The Slow Ride crew has …

Should we talk about the weather? Discussing climate without killing the conversation

Warmer weather and severe storms are changing the game for one New England ski resort. The Slow Ride Stories crew hears how the business is adapting -- and how nearby residents are getting along in a hot and volatile new …

Farming on the frontlines of climate change

At Cranberry Hill Farm, the Slow Ride Stories guys get a lesson in strawberries, maple syrup, and New England stoicism.

Talking climate change with the old-timers on the back roads of New England

The Slow Ride Stories gang talks about hot times with a roadside hot dog vendor, then teaches us a thing or two about the hot rod they're traveling on -- a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Spirited discussion: In a New York distillery, insights on climate change

The Slow Ride Story guys get a glass, er, earful of tales about how the weather has been throwing local farmers for a loop.