How Chicago’s Little League scandal cheats city kids

The young players from Jackie Robinson West were stripped of their Little League title. City kids everywhere may have lost a lot more.

Professional athletes are spraying deer antler velvet into their mouths

There is a great kerfuffle in the sports world over a bunch of football players who have been taking performance-enhancing supplements containing extracts from deer antler velvet.


Cloned horses could compete in the Olympics

The highest body of equestrian sports, the Federation Equestre Internationale, is just a little obsessed with where horse babies come from. And not without reason — have you seen the prices for champion horse sperm these days? (Man, you know …

Climate Change

Jose Canseco schools Twitter on climate change

Jose Canseco knows as much about global warming as I know about Jose Canseco, which is to say, not much. I’m told he’s “the total train wreck of baseball” and I’m willing to believe it, now that I’ve seen him take …

Renewable Energy

Philadelphia Eagles build a green stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles’ helmets are already green, and by next year their stadium will match. The team is partnering with power company NRG to build one of the greenest sports arenas in the country.

Organic Food

Pro hockey player loves organic food and worms

Andrew Ference plays defense for the 2011 Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins, so you'd think he'd be a meathead who mostly drinks beer and scratches his balls. But it turns out he shops with his kids at Whole Foods like …

Business & Technology

Here are car ads for you to yell about

Watch some of the most irritating -- from a "car ubiquity" perspective -- spots from last night's Super Bowl.

Renewable Energy

This will be the greenest Super Bowl ever

I know football fans feel pretty strongly about doing things exactly the same way every time, lest their switch in underwear or beer brand or whatever be the butterfly’s wing that leads to their favorite team tanking. So I have …


LeBron James bikes to work

The Miami Heat star was avoiding a traffic jam when an alert Twitter user snapped his picture.