Reuters/Carlo Allegri
Reuters/Carlo Allegri
Skinny dip

Trump’s “skinny budget” may slash EPA funding even more than previously reported.

Instead of a 24 percent cut, the White House is now proposing 31 percent.

Taking My Talents To ...

EPA’s justice work helps many groups, says ex-official. Trump’s cuts will scrap that.

In an interview with Grist, Mustafa Ali says proposed cuts will leave many victims, including vets and young people.

These House Republicans say climate change is real and it’s time to fight it

Seventeen GOP reps are bucking Trump and calling for action to deal with global warming.

Environmentalists and Trump can agree on one thing

They don't like NAFTA -- for very different reasons.

A review to a kill

Trump is sending Obama’s auto fuel economy standards back to the drawing board.

During a Wednesday visit to Michigan, President Trump will give a little gift to the auto industry.

The EPA Twitter feed is acting like Scott Pruitt’s new fan club

And something else has gone missing (spoiler: it's science).

the price is right

If we could buy a stable climate, what would it be worth?

Curbing carbon emissions has a dollar value -- here’s how and why we measure it.

Rich plead poverty

Wealthy countries are backing away from their climate promises.

Poor countries will bear the brunt of climate-change pain, and now wealthy countries say they are too strapped to help.

Want to toss out pollution-fighting rules? You’ll have to face California first.

The sunshine state is ready to fight for its auto emissions standards.