The best pictures of trucks inside trucks inside trucks

Here’s a kind of awesome way to get trucks off the road: put them inside trucks inside other trucks, like some kind of truck turducken. Turtrucken. It’s three, or four, or nine trucks for the carbon footprint of one! This …

These fruit-shaped bus shelters make public transit more delicious

Waiting for a bus is never the most fun part of a commute, but if you lived in Isahaya City, Japan, you could at least pretend you were some kind of magic bus-riding mouse in a fairy tale. Bus shelters …

19th-century London had a train line just for dead people

Back in mid-19th century England, public transportation was popular enough that even dead people had their own railway. P. D. Smith writes: The London Necropolis Railway station was constructed by the London Necropolis & National Mausoleum Company, specifically to serve …

How easy is it to take public transit to work? Depends on where you live

An assessment of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country finds that most jobs are accessible by transit – but the workers might not be.

High-speed rail in America: It might possibly actually happen

Maybe. Possibly. But not for a long time. Unless you live in California, in which case it's a slightly less long time.

Congress passes terrible transportation bill, hits the road

Final transportation bill is a major letdown for advocates of transit, bikes, and other car alternatives.

Boxer blinks, OKs a train wreck of a transportation bill

After months of wrangling, the House and Senate have settled on a final transportation bill. It's not pretty.

What we stand to lose (or gain!) in a compromise transportation bill

As the clock ticks down on compromise legislation, here are the things in the Senate version of the transportation bill that we'd most hate to lose.

Sidecar lets drivers rent out their empty backseat

In theory, Sidecar is about sharing. Here’s how it’s supposed to work: You’re headed downtown in your car, but before you leave you check your Sidecar app. A user a few blocks down is looking for a ride in the …