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Moving violations

Hit by cars, pedestrians are ticketed in hospital [VIDEO]

Imagine that you get hit by a car when you're trying to cross a busy road in a place where you can't even see the nearest crosswalk. You're airlifted to a hospital for treatment of your injuries. And before you leave, you get a traffic ticket. Yes, that really happened. You can hear people talk about how our built environment discriminates against pedestrians, and how engineers are trained to build for cars rather than people. You can read about how law enforcement is biased in favor of people who drive over people who walk. But nothing has quite as much …


Off the rails

George Will thinks that high-speed rail is really a tool to control your mind

Mind control machine.Photo: Sylvain LatoucheHave you been thinking there's something fishy about the Obama administration's insistence that high-speed rail is part of America's transportation future? Why is it that the president keeps pushing forward with expensive plans to link the country's major urban centers with these train things, even as Republican governors shovel back the money as fast as they can? Have you asked yourself that? Hunh? Well, Newsweek's George Will has the answer, and it is far more sinister than you might have suspected. Brace yourself: So why is America's "win the future" administration so fixated on railroads, a …


Situation Critical

Car plows through Critical Mass ride in Brazil

"It was not an accident!"Graphic: Massa CríticaLast week I wrote a post asking the question, "Why do people in cars hate people on bikes so much?" On Friday night in Porto Alegre, Brazil, there was a horrific manifestation of the type of rage I was referring to. During a peaceful Critical Mass ride on the city's streets, a driver suddenly accelerated through the middle of the crowd at high speed. Riders piled up on the car's hood before being thrown to the pavement. Amazingly, no one was killed. Eight people were taken to the hospital. If you choose to do …


over a barrel

SYMPATHY RAGE: Watch Henry Blodget yell about this country’s complete lack of an energy plan

Feeling angry that America's economy is about to fall apart because oil and gas industries have a stranglehold on our political landscape, sprawl rules your city and no one seems willing to move toward a more rational energy and transportation future? You're welcome.


Plugging in

Chicago to build electric car charging network

An electric car charging station next to a gas station in Lake Oswego, Ore.Photo: Todd MecklemFirst Chicago gets Rahm Emanuel, now electric cars. Well, at least an electric car infrastructure. In a move that indicates electric cars won't just be a phenomenon of Greater Portlandia, utility Exelon and the city will roll out 280 charging stations across Chicagoland by year's end. Two stations will even be solar-powered. It's part of a smart grid demonstration project, partially funded by the federal government, to get a jump-start on the potential impact on the electric system if Chicagoans start buying battery-powered vehicles in …


no such thing as an emissions-free launch

Why space travel should remain a spectator sport

Space shuttle Discovery at its final launch, looking awesome and polluting like crazyPhoto: NASA Yesterday's final launch of the space shuttle Discovery provided some amazing images, and probably made a few of us look wistfully at the sky and think of space panoramas (or in my case space poop and space laundry, because I just read Packing for Mars). But even though astronauts report that gazing down at Earth makes them feel more tender and caring about their fragile planet, it's probably best for everyone if the rest of us remain on the ground. Even if space tourism becomes affordable …



Your guide to a great green weekend in Portland

Portland's swanky Sapphire Hotel.Photo: Sarah Gilbert Can you think of a greener city than Portland? Nope, didn't think so. The City of Roses occupies a warm, squishy spot in the hearts of many a biker, climate hawk, and nature-lovah. We asked you to share your fave local breweries, organic cafés, and green hangouts, and compiled your best ideas into a car-free guide to a great green weekend in Portland. Friday night Click to enlargeFrom the Amtrak or Greyhound station, arm yourself with $2.05 and follow these directions to the Portland Hawthorne Hostel (they work if you're coming from the airport …


Share the road rage

Why do people in cars hate people on bikes so much?

If you've ever been behind the wheel of a car, you've felt it: The dead certainty that everyone around you is a complete idiot who should get the hell out of your way. If you've spent much time riding a bicycle, you have been the target of that wrath. And without the protective metal-and-glass bubble that shields drivers (mostly) from each other's anger, it's easy to feel the hate. A horn honked in your ear by someone zooming past, an insult shouted out a window, the grit kicked up in your face by someone passing too close -- just to …


money train

High-speed train to Las Vegas probably a better use of your money than Las Vegas

Image: DesertXPressDesertXpress, a planned high-speed rail project between the L.A. area and Las Vegas, was supposed to be built entirely with private funding. As it turns out, developers will have to take out a federal loan, and there's some question as to whether the project can make enough money to pay it back. But this is a rail line that will reduce the travel time between the L.A. area and Vegas by more than half, shrinking the 190-mile trip to less than an hour and a half. Pretty cool. That barely allows you time to sleep off your drunk on …

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dying to get to work

Sitting in traffic triggers more heart attacks than eating, alcohol, cocaine, and sex

Running your car in an enclosed garage is one way to kill yourself -- so why do it outside?Photo: Simone RamellaSomeday our descendants will get around solely by hover-monorail and electric car, and it will blow their cybernetically-enhanced minds that there ever lived a race backward enough to huff automobile exhaust for an hour a day during its collective commute. Until then, we have statistics like these, derived from a meta-study that drew data from 36 other papers: Air pollution from auto exhaust triggers a greater proportion of all heart attacks (7.4 percent) than physical exertion (6.2 percent), drinking alcohol …