slug it out

‘Slugging’ lets commuters hitchhike to work without ass, gas, or grass

Photo: BankbryanFor the last 30-plus years, commuters in the D.C. area have been commuting to and from work via modified hitchhiking. Commuters wait in “slug lines” for a driver who’s going their way — it’s …

Fit to be bow-tied

Rep. Earl Blumenauer burns calories instead of fossil fuel — and loves it [VIDEO]

In honor of National Bike Summit Week, Politico’s Patrick Gavin takes a ride with Rep. Earl Blumenauer, (D-Ore.), the bikingest guy in Congress. In a video interview, the bow-tie-sporting congressman — who is founder and …

Gas pains

How much could you save by riding transit instead of driving?

The ability to go somewhere without gassing up: priceless.Photo: JasonSo the Middle East continues to melt down, and gas prices are going up, again. This time, the jump is the second-biggest in the history of …

Mad for trains

TV’s ‘Mad Men’ are all about high-speed rail [VIDEO]

So you might have heard that Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell on the ultra-addictive AMC show Mad Men, is a fan of public transportation. In fact, Kartheiser lives in Los Angeles and goes about …


Before George Will was against high-speed rail, he was for it

Flip flop much?Photo: lincolnbluesRemember how we told you the other day that Newsweek columnist George Will thinks high-speed rail is a sinister progressive plot to undermine American individualism? Well, big thanks to reader Ed D’Amato, …

toll road 4 sale

Maybe selling off government-owned fossil-fuel infrastructure isn’t such a bad idea

Might a little bit of the free market be just what we need to get Americans paying something closer to the true cost of driving?Photo: Marius WatzEveryone knows about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s unhinged attack …

Riding onto the Sunset

Traffic-snarled LA goes bike-wild with 1,600 miles of lanes

The Backbone Bikeway Network proposed by the L.A. Bike Working Group was incorporated into the city’s master plan for 1,680 miles of new bike lanes.Graphic: LA Bike Working GroupThe cab driver who cut off Los …


TreeShagger: Finding love on public transportation

Public transit is an aphrodisiac.Photo: Martin StroblWelcome to TreeShagger, our column on green dating. If you’ve got green dating questions, send ’em our way! Did you hear about Patrick Moberg, that dude who found the …

Soft machine

If Watson can win Jeopardy, can IBM make cities smarter?

Photo: Rodrigo SennaIBM has generated a lot of buzz lately for Watson, its game-show-playing supercomputer that recently bested a couple of skin jobs on “Jeopardy.” Less high profile is the expansion of Big Blue’s computer …

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