Urban Agriculture

Soil survivor: An interview with urban farming legend Will Allen

The MacArthur Genius talks about his new book, his organization's recent gift from Walmart, and his hopes for the next generation.

Peebottle Farms: Insta-heirloom

After her chickens destroy the spring garden starts, our urban farming columnist goes on an heirloom seed-seeking adventure.

Chicken soup for the soil: Cleaning up toxic earth in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

This video follows an experimental soil-focused art project in Philadelphia with a goal of one day making contaminated "brownfields" safe to farm on.

How to make a fold-out window garden

This garden design gives you three times as much growing space as a window box.

A guide to the sweet and simple life

The creator of the new DIY-themed book "Homesweet Homegrown" shares a few secrets and a recipe.

New Agtivist: Meg Paska runs Brooklyn’s first urban farm pop-up

This urban homesteader started a seasonal shop where farmers in the city can buy supplies at a decent price, take classes, and ask for advice.

New agtivists: Young filmmakers take an urban farm adventure

For their documentary-in-progress, two recent college grads circled the nation to paint a visually compelling picture of today's diverse urban farm landscape.

University strikes back against Occupy the Farm

Those occupying the Gill Tract, a 10-acre plot just outside of Berkeley, say they won't leave until they know it will be farmed sustainably. Meanwhile, the University of California -- owner of the property -- is losing its patience.

By growing food, Occupy the Farm helps a movement grow up

With the takeover of a University of California agricultural testing station, Occupiers move from envisioning a new world to creating one.