Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture

Indoor farm in Brooklyn helps feed hundreds of families

In Bedford-Stuyvesant, an increasingly hip but historically low-income Brooklyn neighborhood, one food pantry is also an indoor farm. The New York Daily News visited the …

Urban Agriculture

Beyond ‘ruin porn': Film gives farm’s-eye view of Detroit

The documentary Urban Roots shows us a new view of Detroit through the eyes of its dedicated urban farmers.

Urban Agriculture

Mexico City’s urbanization threatens ancient ‘floating gardens’

Chinampas, or floating gardens -- small artificial islands full of crops, built up on shallow lake beds -- once sustained the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, producing multiple harvests every year. They still exist in Mexico City, for now.

Urban Agriculture

Into the woods: Seattle plants a public food forest

Urban orchards are growing in popularity all over the country, but Seattle is taking it further with this public fruit experiment.

Urban Agriculture

Urban farming in Detroit gets the documentary it deserves

Urban Roots is a documentary about farming within the city limits of Detroit, and as such, it’s a handy way to get an education on the subject in something like 90 minutes.


Farming the ‘burbs

Suburban farmers might just have the best of both worlds: A captive audience hungry for hyper local produce and the space to grow more food than their city counterparts.

Urban Agriculture

Breaking through the myths: New book seeks to redefine urban farming

The Breaking Through Concrete crew is back, and now they have a book that chronicles urban farming around the U.S.

Urban Agriculture

Breaking Through Concrete [SLIDESHOW]

Get the lay of the urban farm land with these striking photos from Kansas City, Santa Cruz, and everywhere in between.

Urban Agriculture

Sweden builds 18-story greenhouse

Swedish company Plantagon International is taking the urban greenhouse to the next level, and then the 17 levels beyond that. Their new vertical greenhouse in Linköping, Sweden will be 177 feet high.

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