Wind Power


Romney calls for an end to key wind energy credit

When the production tax credit for wind energy expires at the end of the year, it could cost tens of thousands of jobs.

Fossil Fuels

Another reason to bug out: Drought puts electrical production at risk

Traditional fossil-fuel-based power generation requires an enormous amount of water. No water, no power.

Wind Power

Mitt Romney may have a few million reasons to oppose wind power

Romney's long-standing relationship with Charles Koch has likely influenced his opinions on wind power for a long time. His recent opposition is not a big surprise.


Colorado Springs probably didn’t need to worry about demand for wind power

The city's small initial contract for wind power is quickly snatched up by consumers.

Wind Power

The best pun about wind energy, you’re welcome

This made me laugh way, way harder than it should.

Climate & Energy

Yes, the economy could soon run on (mostly) renewable power

A study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory demonstrates that an energy mix that is 80 percent renewable in 2050 could operate fine. If only we had the will to create it.

Wind Power

Americans for Prosperity to protest pro-wind rally of ‘extremist’ kite-flying kids

In honor of Global Wind Day on Friday, New Jersey kids will fly kites at the beach. Americans for Prosperity plans to shut down this radical activism.

Business & Technology

Clean energy investments climb, along with Big Oil’s blood pressure

OK, well maybe they're not overly worried just yet. But the investment trend – particularly in the United States – is encouraging.


Meet renewable energy’s new ally

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way up front. The renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) is an incentive provided to energy producers equal to 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, adjusted annually for inflation. If you generate electricity using …