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Obama announces Denali name change. Ohio Republicans freak out

The change makes a lot of sense, but Ohio Republicans are condemning the decision.


Watch John Kerry deliver remarks live at Arctic conference

The secretary of state will speak at GLACIER in Anchorange, Alaska, at 1:30 p.m. ET.


This is a story about weed and hoes

Now that weeds can stand up to herbicides, farmers have to uproot them the old-fashioned way: with garden tools.

Against the ooze

Here’s a solution for those out-of-control toxic algae blooms

A coalition of agribusinesses, farmers, and food companies may be the thing to stop toxic algal blooms


Jeb Bush once tried to house Katrina victims on cruise ships

While Bush is praised for his response to Hurricane Katrina victims in Florida, no one is talking about his Carnival Cruise boondoggle.


Air pollution at home could lower kids’ GPAs

In a study of almost 2,000 kids in El Paso, Texas, researchers found a strong correlation between air pollution and academic performance.


Low-income, black women largely ignored in Katrina recovery

Ten years later, some women say they feel like they were better off before the storm.

The Shark Wrangler

That 15-foot-long tiger shark need wrestling? Leave it to the pros

You probably aren't going to tango with a tiger shark anytime soon -- but David Shiffman does it on a weekly basis, for science.

Climate & Energy

Was there a link between climate change and Hurricane Katrina?

Here's what the science says.

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