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SeaWorld Barbie quits her job

Barbie and Jane Goodall can agree on one thing: SeaWorld is the worst.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could drive 1-in-6 species to extinction

Cranking up the planetary heat is going to ratchet down the planet’s biodiversity.


Elon Musk unveils fancy new Tesla battery — ’cause existing batteries “suck”

The billionaire inventor and entrepreneur wants to bring solar power to the masses.

Jurassic Pork

Nightmare school district serves students old-ass meat

The six-year-old pork roast could've served a term on the Senate. Grossed out yet?


In Baltimore and Cleveland, a unique approach to reviving the inner city

These cities are building businesses around "anchor institutions" like hospitals and universities -- and providing much-needed jobs for local residents.


Say g’day to Australia’s awesome new solar plant

Australia combines two of our favorite things: Solar power and wastewater treatment facilities.

Climate & Energy

California wildfire conditions are a “recipe for disaster”

It's already looking bad, and it's going to get worse.

tailored genes

The latest in GMO panic: Human engineering

We have some good and some bad reasons for worrying about GMOs — especially when they’re us.


Why Baltimore is fighting for its life, again

A longtime local reflects on the raggedy pleasures of life in Charm City, aka Mobtown, and the tenacity of the people who live there.

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