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Climate & Energy

When national governments fail to halt climate change, can city action fill the gap?

Climate action by cities is important, but it's crucial that we avoid double counting municipal achievements.


Here’s the story of the farmworkers behind your sweet potato pie

Those who harvest sweet potatoes carry up to seven tons of the tubers per day.

Climate & Energy

Do you have what it takes to prevent disastrous climate change? Take the quiz!

Answer these questions to see if you can beat the 2-degree-C target.


Clinton got an A for her climate knowledge. How did Trump do? HA!

Scientists graded presidential candidates on their public statements on climate science. Here's how they fared.


Watch this insanely cool simulation of deep Antarctic water

This cold, salty abyss is much more interesting than the one you might be experiencing this holiday season.

Climate & Energy

Here are the latest market-tested words for selling climate action

New polling and market research suggest the phrases you should use and the phrases you should avoid.

Climate & Energy

Discovery Channel boss claims “dramatic shift” in approach to science

With new leadership, Discovery is planning to air programming that's scientifically credible.


China’s “sponge cities” use smart infrastructure to prevent massive water issues

The Chinese government has an ambitious plan to redesign urban water systems.

Climate & Energy

Oil-rich Alberta is getting serious about climate action, just in time for Paris talks

The province of Alberta, aka the Texas of Canada, will impose a carbon tax, phase out coal power, and curb emissions from tar-sands operations.

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