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The Grist 50 is an annual list of emerging leaders from across the U.S. who are working on fresh, real-world solutions to our world’s biggest challenges. Now in its sixth year, the list includes scientists, artists, policymakers, farmers, social-justice advocates, storytellers, entrepreneurs, technologists, chefs, clean-energy wonks — all kinds of people pointing the way toward a just, sustainable future.

These forward-looking phenoms join a growing community of leaders whom we like to call Fixers. Our Fix program brings members of the Fixer network together to learn from one another and build new partnerships and spotlights solutions through storytelling and live events.

Who nominates people to the Grist 50 Fixers list? You do! Every fall, we send out a call for nominations, gathering suggestions from experts, Grist allies, readers, and the public at large.

When we select the Grist 50, we look for:

VisionMembers of the Grist 50 can see what a more just, sustainable future looks like, and they have a drive to make that vision a reality.
SolutionsGrist 50 Fixer honorees are problem-solvers, cooking up technologies, campaigns, community projects, legislation, art installations — you name it — that push the boundaries of what’s possible.
ImpactGrist 50 Fixers’ work has demonstrated direct, positive impact on the community level or at a broader scale.
DiversityThe Grist 50 list reflects the vibrant, inclusive sustainability movement that is taking root in the U.S. We actively seek out diversity of many kinds, including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, geography, and discipline.
OriginalityWe’re looking for people doing something extraordinary — inventing something new, building community in new places, exploring new ideas, or defeating old challenges in creative ways.

Each year, the Grist editorial team reviews thousands of nominations from all over the U.S. The list is published in March, and the new Grist 50 Fixer cohort is invited to an annual gathering shortly after.

Do you know someone who ought to be recognized as a member of the Grist 50? Is it you? Let us know! Make your case using this form.