As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Grist gratefully accepts tax-deductible corporate sponsorships to support its mission relevant activities. Grist will not solicit or accept sponsorships from corporate entities whose practices, policies, or operations are deemed unacceptable and contrary to the values implicit in its mission.

Statement of Policy:
Grist actively solicits and encourages the business community, service clubs, and other organizations to become sponsors of Grist events, programs, and services. Grist enters into sponsorship agreements with sponsors it deems appropriate. Sponsorship agreements may vary by sponsor. This policy is designed to be mindful of Grist’s status as a nonprofit organization under the law. Grist reserves the right to refuse or decline any offer of sponsorship at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with the sponsor concerning any aspect of a proposed sponsorship.

A sponsorship is defined as a mutually beneficial exchange arranged in advance whereby.

  • Grist obtains support for a specified activity.
  • Sponsor receives acknowledgement in return for cash and/or products and services-in-kind to Grist.

Policy Guidelines:
Grist welcomes corporate sponsorship support of its organizational efforts subject to the following guidelines:

  • Grist will not accept corporate sponsorship that reflects in a negative manner on the organization, does not align with its mission statement, or is not in the best interest of the health and safety of the organization.
  • Grist does not accept corporate sponsorships for certain categories of products and services, including alcohol products, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons, tobacco products or establishments, sexual escort services, gambling opportunities or casinos, weight-loss products or plans, and check cashing services.
  • Grist does not endorse, directly or by implication, any products, services, or ideas promoted except those sponsored directly by the organization.
  • Individual staff should not receive any substantial benefit from association with sponsors. Any commissions, substantial gifts, or other financial benefits should be brought to the attention of a supervisor.
  • Grist must retain control over any sponsored program and sponsors should not have any input into operational matters relating to a project they have sponsored
  • This policy is not applicable to philanthropic contributions, grants, or unsolicited donations in which no benefits are granted to the sponsor and where no business relationship exists.

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